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Cancer is one of the most researched diseases in the history of the mankind. Anal cancer is one of the many types of cancers existing today. Though the number of people suffering from this cancer worldwide is not very high, you must know about the disease and the main causes behind its occurrence.

Anal cancer concept

Anal cancer is a disease caused due to the uncontrolled growth and behavior of the body cells. The cells grow rapidly and cause harm to the adjacent tissues upsetting the complete mechanism of the cell growth. The cancer can be of various types and the formation of a tumor is a common thing in the cancer-affected patients. Tumor is a type of an abnormal swelling and consists mainly of the infected cells. There is a gene called as an anti-oncogene or the tumor suppressor gene that defends the cell from being infected. However, when the gene malfunctions, the cell may get infected by cancer.

The disease is a type of cancer originating in the anus and caused due to an abnormal cell-growth in the anus. Anus is located at the start of the bowels. A ring of muscles called as the sphincter controls the bowel movement. There is a 3-4cm long area connecting rectum and the anal and is known as the anal canal.

The cancer can be of various types such as squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and the melanoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common type of this cancer.

The nature of the disease

Anal cancer is one of the rarest types of cancer. The disease mainly occurs in the adults of age above fifty years. Anal cancer gives very clear and particular symptoms and thus, its detection becomes easy. You must consult your physician if your anus is bleeding or itching. Pain or ulcers around the anus must be taken seriously, as they may lead to the development of the cancerous cells.

Anal Cancer Also, improper movement of the bowels and the formation of lumps around the anus may be a symptom of the disease. Skin infections and ulcers around the anus must be taken very seriously as it may spread to other parts of the body and develop tumors. Tumors found on the perianal area around the anus are a kind of skin cancer and must not be confused with the anal cancer. People having anal sex are highly prone to the disease. Also, smoking and tobacco chewing is another cause of the cancer.

The development of the cancerous cells mainly depends on the kind of an immune system one has. If the immune system is strong, your body can easily resist the infections and prevent the cancerous cells from developing. A strong immune system is also advantageous in the health recovery if you suffer from the disease and are taking treatment for the same.

How to fight anal cancer?

Sound health with a strong immune system is necessary to fight the disease. Smoking and tobacco chewing is highly injurious to health and must be given up completely. You must consult your physician immediately if any symptoms relating to the disease are detected. Cancerous cells spread rapidly and any delay in the medical treatment may lead to an irreversible damage.

Biopsy and body scan are some of the common methods of detecting cancer. Computerized tomography (CT) scan and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan techniques are used widely to examine the body internally and detect the tumors or cancerous cells. X-rays are also used as a primary technique to detect the spread of cancerous cells.

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are some of the common types of treatment recommended for cancer patients. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy is advised only if the disease is in advanced stages as the side effects of these treatments are high. Surgery can also be done simultaneously with the chemotherapy or the radiotherapy treatment depending upon the patient's response.

Abdominoperineal and local resection are the two main types of surgeries recommended for anal cancer patients. The abdominoperineal resection is done mainly to both the anus and the rectum. In the local resection, only the tumors outside the anus are removed and do not affect the movement of the bowels.

Anal cancer awareness is very important to defend yourself from this disease. Your chance of getting infected by the disease is also related to your sex life. Having multiple sex partners will make you highly prone to the disease. Human papilloma virus, a kind of virus developed due to multiple sex partners, has been the major cause of the disease anal cancer causes and has been detected in almost 90 percent of those infected by this cancer. Hence, it is better to know about the disease than to regret later.

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