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Anal cancer causes are very important to understand because they are the ones who form the basis for cancerous development. Causes of anal cancer are also important in the diagnosis of the disease. Habits of a person can be helpful in tracing the nearest cause of the disease and designing the treatment pattern accordingly. It is the causes that determine the intensity of the cancer in the anus and gives an idea about the most feasible treatment to be adopted.

Anal cancer causes in detail

Anal cancer is a type of cancer originating in the anus. Number of cases relating to the disease worldwide has been consistently increasing since the last few years. The cancer is more common in women as compared to men.

Some of the major anal cancer causes are as under:

  • Age: Though this cancer may occur at any age, people usually above 45 years of age are more prone to the disease. Also, the risk of being infected by the anal cancer increases with age.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV): Presence of human papillomavirus is one of the most common causes of the anal cancer. The virus primarily develops due to unsafe sex practices. Safe sex and avoiding too many sex partners is the key to prevent anal cancer.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Sexually transmitted diseases may spread rapidly to the anal areas and lead to serious infections. This weakens the tissues and cells present in the affected area and make you more vulnerable to the cancerous attack.
  • AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome): AIDS is another important cause of the formation of malignant tumors in the anal areas. Those suffering from AIDS should undergo a thorough medical examination to detect the presence of cancerous cells, if any, in the anal areas.
  • Anal sex: Anal sex is dangerous and may lead to severe injuries and infections in the anal areas.
  • Smoking: To fight the cancerous attack, your body should be strong within. Smoking leads to killing of vital tissues and cells in the internal areas of the body and makes you more susceptible to the cancer in the anus.
  • Tobacco chewing: Tobacco chewing is also responsible for severe damage to some of the internal organs of the human body.
  • Excess alcohol consumption: Anal Cancer CausesThis is not a direct cause of the disease but can make a person highly vulnerable to cancerous infection in the anal. Anal cancer can be primary or secondary. Primary anal cancer is the one in which the tumors primarily originate in the anus itself. Secondary type is the one in which the tumors originate in the locations other than the anus. They metastasize and spread to anus in due time. In such cases, the cancer that mainly cause due to excess alcohol consumption may also affect the anal areas and thus, the drinking habits need to be under control.

A strong immune system is extremely necessary to curb the cancerous infection in the body. Salads and fruits are rich in vitamins and should be given high preference in your regular diet. Also, vegetables take care of the nutrients requirement of the body and should be consumed regularly. Weak immune system affects the body tissues and cells to function efficiently. Also, it impacts the regular pattern of the generation of antibodies leading to an imbalance in the number of white blood cells required by the body.

Family history of anal cancer makes a person more prone to the disease. Also, the people who have been treated for the disease in the past may get re-infected by the malignant tumors. Anal cancer recurrence is one of the major concerns of the victims of the cancer in the anus. A proper and systematic anal cancer care is necessary to prevent a person from getting infected by the disease in the post-treatment period.

Understanding anal cancer causes helps a physician to correlate the symptoms rationally and eases the task of prescribing the most feasible treatment. If a person experiences severe pain or a formation of lump in the anus, he should undergo the medical tests like the endoscopy, digital rectal exam (DRE) and ultrasound. Infection and ulcers in the anal areas that do not cure by normal medication should be diagnosed thoroughly. They may be an important cause of the development of cancerous tumors in the anus.

Abnormal openings in the anus or anal fistulas are another major cause of the cancer in the anus. They can be diagnosed by some of the advanced medical examination techniques like MRI (magnetic resonance and imaging) scan, CT (computed tomography) scan and PET (positron emission tomography) test.

Anal cancer causes are very primary in nature. Thus, it becomes easier for a person to safeguard himself from the infection. Causes need to be interpreted correctly as they are also common with many other kinds of non-cancerous disorders. It is important to know whether the tumor is cancerous or benign. Cancer in the anus is curable if the symptoms are correlated rightly with the causes and the tumors are detected in the early stages. Surgery for anal cancer is the most common form of treatment advisable in the primary stages of the disease while the chemical and radiation therapy is effective in severe cases.

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