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Anal cancer therapy always receives an unmatched attention when it comes to looking for some reliable and effective therapies for cancerous development in the anus. Therapies can be of various types and may range from the conventional medical treatments and home remedies to Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments. There are also some other forms of treatment like gold therapy which can be undertaken with minimum side effects. Looking out for anal cancer breakthroughs may also help a physician to tackle the disorder in a better way.

What is anal cancer therapy?

Therapy for anal cancer primarily deals with controlling the metastasis of cancerous tumors and preventing them from redeveloping. Usually, most of the people go for allopathic methods to prevent cancer in the anus as they show quick results. Treatments recommended by other important medical fields like Ayurveda and Homeopathy are relatively slower in curing the disease. Thus, most of the treatments for curing the cancer of the anus are not known worldwide.

Allopathic treatments for curing cancer of the anus show instant results but can be harmful for normal cell-development process. Dosage of medicines prescribed to curb cancerous growth in the anus is usually severe in allopathy. Thus, the victim's ability to tolerate such high dosages is taken into consideration before finalizing for a particular pattern of treatment.

Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments are usually safe and conducive for normal cell-growth. Medicines prescribed are usually less severe as compared to the allopathic ones and have very less side effects. Most of the medicines prescribed are made from natural herbs and thus, also help to improve the victim's immune system.

Anal cancer therapy is effective only when initialized after proper detection and thorough diagnosis of malignant tumors. Biopsy, fine needle aspiration biopsy, endoanal ultrasound and endoscopy are some of the popular treatments to detect tumors. Digital rectal exam, proctoscopy, anoscopy and computed tomography (CT) scan can also be advantageous in analyzing the nature and growth of tumors.

Important anal cancer therapies

Anal Cancer TherapyRadiation therapy and chemotherapy are the most common forms of cancer therapies to cure anal cancer. Surgery is also recommended in the cases where the tumors are into initial or developmental stages and are not spread to wide areas. There is another important but uncommon form of treatment known as holistic cancer treatment. In this method, nano gold particles are made to enter the bloodstream through a nano gold card and the particles can be consumed through honey, water etc. These particles are very effective in killing cancer cells and the therapy must be taken for around 1-2 years for positive results.

Ayurveda is another important form of anal cancer therapy and almost 70% cancer patients take it along with allopathic dosages. Just 10-15% of the overall anal cancer patients opt for ayurveda as a full fledge treatment as it cures the disease in a very gradual manner. Diet control along with panchakarma (set of five important Ayurvedic remedies) is an important aspect of Ayurvedic cure. Homeopathic form of treatment is also useful in curbing cancerous tumors and is prescribed after thorough consultation with the victim. It closely analyzes the lifestyle and habits of the patient and prescribes the treatment accordingly.

The cancer is more common in females as compared to males and occurs generally in adults aged above 45 years of age. Human papillomavirus is an important cause of anal cancer in the anus and should be treated in time to prevent the cancerous growth in the anus. Some of the home remedies like applying petroleum jelly or aloe vera compress to infections or injuries in the anus can help in controlling the development of cancerous cells to some extent.

Habits to be stressed on

Anal cancer therapies can be effective only if a person follows a few good habits to keep his immune system intact. Balanced diet rich in proteins, nutrients and vitamins is very necessary. Fresh fruits, salads and vegetables can be helpful in fulfilling such requirements. Have a safe and healthy sex life and avoid having sex with multiple partners.

Poor hygiene in the anal areas should be avoided and any ulcers, infections or injuries in the anus or adjacent areas must be treated urgently. Regular and thorough medical examination is necessary to detect any development of cancerous tumors in the anus and curb them in time.

Anal cancer therapies can be of varied intensities and vary from person to person. Immune system and sustainability of the victim is thoroughly examined before recommending him any particular pattern of treatment. Allopathic therapy is the most recommended to curb the cancerous cells urgently. Ayurvedic and homeopathic therapies usually do not cause any considerable damage to body cells and tissues and are usually recommended once the severity of the cancerous tumors decreases. These therapies are very useful in preventing the recurrence of malignant tumors and benefit the victim in recovering in a safe and reliable manner.

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