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Anal cancer recurrence is one of the major concerns of the people suffering from this cancer worldwide. The cases of anal cancer are consistently increasing and so are its chances of recurrence. Women are more prone to the disease as compared to men. Recurrence of anal cancer usually occurs due to improper treatment or medication and weakness in the immune system of the person.

What is anal cancer recurrence?

Cancerous tumors are formed primarily by the malignant cells. These cells kill or damage the healthy tissues and become a hurdle in their normal functioning. Inefficient performance of tissues affects the overall cell health and makes the victim's body more vulnerable to cancerous attack. These cancerous cells also weaken the overall functioning of the body by obstructing the supply of oxygen, blood and other necessary resources to the live and normal cells.

Once the normal body cells start behaving abnormally, the cancerous or malignant cells replace them quickly by the infected ones or force them to grow and divide uncontrollably. This leads to excess number of cells in the body and leads to a formation of lump called tumor. The main aim of taking treatment for cancer is to eliminate such cancerous tumors. But many a times, it is not possible to cure the tumors completely and the chances of their redevelopment are high. This is generally known as anal cancer recurrence.

Tumors are basically benign or cancerous. Benign tumors have a less chance of recurrence as they are easy to eliminate by surgery. Also, the treated area exhibit extremely less chances of being targeted by the cancerous cells in future. Hence, in most of the cases, the tumors that generally recur are cancerous. The main reason for the redevelopment of cancerous tumors is a weak immune system. Cancerous treatments are generally harsh and have a number of severe side effects. Stern treatment like radiotherapy is used in cases where the cancer has already reached an advanced stage and needs to be curbed on urgent basis. Thus, the radiations try to kill the cancerous tumors by burning the infected area. This also leads to the killing of the live cells and tissues present in the treated area and eliminate any chances of their redevelopment.

Body becomes more prone to the recurrence of anal cancer if the vital body tissues do not redevelop after the treatment of anal cancer or grow in an unusual pattern. Unnatural development of tissues also leads to an unusual cell growth and makes the victim's body once again vulnerable to cancerous infection. Also, the case is more or less similar in the people treated with chemotherapy. Chemicals also severely impact the cell growth mechanism and damage the treated area to a considerable extent. This also affects the body's immune system and leads to insufficient generation of antibodies.

How to decrease the possibilities of recurrence?

Anal Cancer Recurrence Chances of anal cancer recurrence can be highly eliminated if the tumors are detected and diagnosed in the early or developmental stage of the disease. Smoking is one of the major causes of recurrence of anal cancer. Smokers are at a considerably higher risk of being re-infected by the malignant tumors as compared to non-smokers. Also, chewing tobacco and consuming excess alcohol will make you more prone to recurrence of anal cancer. Presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the body is very risky and is an important cause detected in most of the cases related to recurrence of the cancer in the anus. Thus, one must lead a very safe and healthy sexual life and avoid anal sex.

Early indications to look for recurrence

Any infection or soreness in the anus is the most primary indication of the redevelopment of cancerous tumors. You should undergo a thorough diagnosis if such infection doesn't heal with regular medication. Also, formation of lump or raised mass in the anal areas must be diagnosed through advanced medical tests like biopsy, endoscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. Care is important to reduce chance of recurrence.

People suffering from anal cancer recurrence should be twice more careful than those who are suffering from the anal cancer for the first time. Unusual discharge, bleeding or itching in the anus must be treated urgently. Sudden change in the bowel habits and consistent pain in the anus must be dealt with under expert medical supervision.

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