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A tumour that develops due to constant exposure to asbestos particles is called asbestos cancer. Asbestos is a mineral which is used on a large scale for construction of houses, plumbing, tiling, electric wires insulation etc. This tumour tends to block the respiratory tract and the digestive system due to which breathing and digestion problems are noticed. Diagnosing this tumour at early stages ensures a successful treatment of this tumour. This cancer is closely associated with lung cancer as the symptoms of both these tumours are same. American Cancer Care's recent study concludes that more than 21,000 people are diagnosed with the symptoms of this disease every year. Asbestos cancer care is a major challenge as the patient has to keep intact his daily activities and also look after various activities such as treatment, clinical trials and visits to the specialist. It also helps in boosting the confidence of the patient which is a must for fighting against this tumor.

There are various studies conducted on the diagnosis and treatment sector of this tumour. Major outcomings of these studies include various tests such as thorascenisis, thorascopy and laproscopy which give an accurate diagnosis of the symptoms of this tumour. In treatment sector a new drug called Onconase which is not yet recognized by the PDA and so is not implemented. This drug tends to destroy the tumour and the malignant cells without harming the normal cells. Statistics for asbestos cancer should be framed carefully as it forms basis for further research process and also helps to find loopholes in current pattern of cure and care

Diagnosis of this tumour is done by performing various blood tests, CT scan, MRI and X-rays. Other tests include thorascopy, thorascentisis and laparoscopy.

Treatment of asbestos cancer includes several therapies such as chemotherapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy, palliative therapy and surgery.

Asbestos cancer symptoms are:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Headache
  • Constant fever
  • Nausea
  • Digestion Problems
  • Weakened immune system
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Vomiting

Asbestos Cancer Care:

Proper asbestos cancer care is very essential as it helps the patient to recover from this tumour in a short span of time. Care does not mean just physical care. It also includes the emotional support which is equally as important as the treatment of the disease. Asbestos cancer care can be classified into following:-

  • Personal care
  • Home Care
  • Emotional Support

Personal Care:

This is an important aspect of asbestos cancer care. Individuals who suffer from life threatening diseases like AIDS, cancer, polio and influenza are not in a condition to take care of them. They are not able to maintain their personal hygiene. This includes wearing clothes and cooking their food. So keeping a home care professional is very important. These personal care professionals perform all these tasks and also perform other activities like taking patients for a walk and monitoring their exercises.

Home Care:

The physical condition of patients suffering from this tumour is very weak. So it is very difficult for them to perform household activities like sweeping, cleaning utensils, washing clothes etc. For this reason, a home care professional should be kept or at least one family member should stay with such patients.

Emotional Support:

Emotional support is extremely important for people suffering from this tumour. It is often seen that people suffering from diseases such as AIDS, cancer, polio and influenza get into a state of depression. So they need someone to encourage them. Emotional support should be given as much importance as the treatment of the disease. Lack of encouragement affects their will power to recover from the disease. So it is very important to provide emotional support to asbestos cancer patients. Such patients should be always surrounded with family members and they should be trained on how to deal with such patients.

They are also some helpline which provide 24 hours service. These help lines help in solving the queries and doubts of the patients and also provide them with encouragement. There are also some home care nurses which help the patients in their daily activities and also provide them with emotional support.

If any symptoms of asbestos cancer are observed, doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. It should be remembered that curing this tumour at early stages guarantees successful treatment of this disease.

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