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Asbestos is a mineral that is used in household construction and various other products, such as pipes, electric wires, clutches, floor tiles and as insulation in electronic appliances. The tumor that occurs due to exposure to such particles is called asbestos cancer. This tumor blocks the respiratory tract and causes breathing problems. This cancer is of contagious type and is mostly seen in plumbers, electricians, laborers, builders and people who work in mines. Asbestos cancer cure depends upon the diagnosis and stage of the tumor.

A research conducted by American Institute of cancer research shows that more than 19,000 people are diagnosed with this cancer every year. It also shows that men are more prone to this tumor than women. It is mostly observed in people in the age group of 30 to 45 years. Various other studies are being conducted regarding treatment options on asbestos cancer cure. The latest addition to this is a drug called Onconase. The specialty of this drug is that it destroys the malignant cells and the tumor without harming the normal cells. It is also free from side effects.

Asbestos cancer Diagnosis:

There are various methods through which this tumor is diagnosed. These methods include CT scan, MRI scan, blood tests, X-rays and other routine tests. Besides this, there are special tests which give an accurate idea about the tumor and it's widespread. These tests include thorascopy, thorascenticis, laparoscopy and biopsy.

A special test called Fine Needle Aspiration test is also conducting for diagnosing this tumor. This test was implemented by FDA in 1996. In this test, a fluid is removed from the location of the tumor and examined. This test I well known for its accurate diagnosis but is rarely used due to its high cost.

Asbestos cancer cure:

Asbestos cancer cure includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy.


Asbestos Cancer Cure In this, the tumor and the malignant cells are operated upon and completely removed from the body. After this various medicines are prescribed to prevent the recurrence of asbestos cancer. This option is rarely used for treatment as there are 40 percent chances of recurrence of the tumor.


In this procedure various drugs are prescribed in the form of tablets and vaccinations. These drugs travel throughout the body and kill the malignant cells and the tumor. This treatment is planned and certain time intervals are set. This treatment cannot be continued for a long time as the drugs are very powerful and tend to attack the immune system. They also have other side effects on the body which include hair loss, appetite loss, weight loss, rashes on the skin and other health problems. Chemotherapy is widely used and one of the recommended treatments on asbestos cancer.

Radiation therapy:

This therapy is also considered as one of the most widely used therapies for the treatment of asbestos cancer. This therapy is often conducted in the advanced stages of the tumor. In this therapy, highly energetic waves are transmitted throughout the body. These waves kill the malignant cells and eradicate the tumor completely from our body. These rays tend to weaken the body and so it needs some time to recover. Radiation therapy is divided into two types, internal radiation therapy and external radiation therapy. This therapy is further followed by nutrition therapy. In this therapy, certain supplements are prescribed by the doctor. These supplements are full of substances such as beta carotene, vitamin E, Selenium and glutamine. This supplements help to recover the nutritional needs of the body.

Biological therapy:

This therapy aims at curing the immune system of the body. In this therapy, certain medications are prescribed which improve the immunity of the body. This therapy is generally conducted after chemotherapy and surgery of asbestos cancer. Biological therapy also helps the patient to recover from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Asbestos cancer cure has been an interesting topic for researches as new techniques are emerging in the diagnosis and treatment sector. Treating this tumor at early stages guarantees a successful elimination of the tumor from the body. There are many centers which offer mental < href="/asbestos-cancer/support.html">support of asbestos cancer and encourage patients to take the appropriate treatment for the tumor. Some organizations even offer financial assistance.

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