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The tumour which is developed when a person comes in direct contact with asbestos particles is known as Asbestos Cancer. Asbestos cancer detection should be done at early stage because if the tumour gets fully developed it can create several complications in the body.

Asbestos is a type of mineral well known for its extinguishable properties and so is widely use in building roofs and walls of the houses, tiling and plumbing. It also acts as an insulator in electric wires. It is also used in various household products such as coffee vending machines, popcorn poppers, taps, irons and clutches of the hand bags. When the person comes in direct contact with asbestos, its particles get inhaled and create a blockage in the respiratory tract. Due to this, breathing problems and sound of wheezing is observed which is considered as a basic symptom of the disease.

Asbestos cancer detection at early stages helps to treat the tumour successfully with basic treatments methods but when the tumour enters the advanced stage, it becomes very difficult to eradicate it from our body. It is very important to diagnose the symptoms of this disease from a recommended specialist as this tumour is often mistakenly diagnosed as lung cancer. The speciality of this tumour is that once it gets developed the malignant cells spread rapidly throughout the body and gain the overall control of the body. Due to this, the brain also becomes incapable of understanding the signals and there are chances of the patient getting paralysed in the advanced stages.

Various researches are being conducted on asbestos cancer detection. The latest research includes the implementation of techniques such as thoracoscopy and tomography which guarantee an accurate diagnosis of this tumour while in treatment it is the invention of new drug called Onconese. This drug when consumed destroys the malignant cells and the tumour that spread throughout the body without harming the normal cells.

Symptoms of Asbestos cancer are:-

  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Constant fever
  • Constant wheezing sound while breathing
  • Breathing problems
  • Digestion problems
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constant hard cough
  • Clotting of blood

Techniques used for Asbestos cancer detection include:-

  • Biopsy
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Peritoneoscopy
  • Video assisted Thoracoscophic surgery
  • Position Emission Tomography

Explanation of Asbestos Cancer Detection:-


In this procedure, a hole is made near the location of the tumour and the normal piece of the tumour is taken out form the body. This piece of the tumour is examined under a microscopy and several other routine tests are conducted. With the help of this procedure, the surgeon gets a clear idea of the type of the tumour and the extent of its spread throughout the body.


The first step towards detecting the tumour with this procedure is by giving a local anaesthesia. In this procedure, special equipment called thoracoscope is used. This equipment is inserted in the body through the chest wall and the fluid is drained out through the tumour. Later this fluid is examined by conducting several tests. This helps the surgeon to discover the type of tumour and determine its widespread throughout the body.


In this procedure, a special tool called peritoneoscope is used. A local anaesthesia is given to the patient and a hole is made near the lower abdomen. This peritoneoscope is then inserted through this hole in the body and the tumour is examined. Then a special needle is put into your body and the fluid from the tumour is taken out. This fluid is later examined through different tests and the type of tumour is discovered.

Video assisted Thoracoscophic surgery:-

In this surgery, a local anaesthesia is given to the patient and small holes are made in the chest wall. Then a special camera and a surgical instrument are inserted through this hole to derive the tumour and the tissue samples are taken out. This tissue samples are later examined under the microscope and the type of tumour is discovered.

Position Emission Tomography:-

This procedure is famously known as PET scan. In this scan, a special camera is inserted through the chest and various pictures of the tumour are developed. Later these pictures are examined by conducting several procedures and the type of tumour is diagnosed.

Nowadays, asbestos cancer detection has become easy due to various new techniques adopted in the diagnosis of the tumour. However, the most common techniques used for detecting this tumour are Thoracoscopy and Pertoneoscopy.

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