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The cancer that occurs due to inhalation of asbestos particles is known as asbestos cancer. Asbestos particles are used on a large scale in construction of buildings, wall, floor tiles, electric wire insulation and plumbing. Asbestos is a mineral which is well-known for maintaining constant temperature. The people who come in direct contact with asbestos particles are prone to this tumor. Such people include construction workers, builders, plumbers, electricians etc. This tumor is also observed in people who do not come in direct contact with such particles. Asbestos cancer early signs if detected can help to remove the tumor successfully from the body.

This cancer occurs rarely but is considered as a life threatening disease. The particles of asbestos once inhaled attack the respiratory tract leading to breathing problems. These particles get stuck in the digestive system and weaken the immune system. The person finds it very difficult to digest hi food and suffers from a wide range of diseases. A research done by American Cancer cure indicates that more than 19,000 people are detected with asbestos cancer early signs every year.

Various new techniques adopted to diagnose this tumor include Thorascopy, Laparoscopy and Thorasentisis. New innovations in the treatment include a drug called Onconase. The specialty of this drug is that it destroys the malignant cells and the tumor without harming the normal cells and is side effect free. There are various other techniques adopted in chemotherapy and radiation therapy which help to get rid of the tumor and recover in a short span of time.

Asbestos cancer early signs include:-

  • Breathing problems
  • Vomiting
  • Weakened immune system
  • Nausea
  • Wheezing
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Problems in swallowing food
  • Continuous fever

Explanation of Asbestos cancer early signs:-

Breathing Problems:-

Asbestos Cancer Early Signs This is the basic symptom of asbestos cancer. Once the asbestos particles are inhaled they cannot be exhaled. So these particles get stuck in the respiratory tract. This affects the respiratory system. So the person experiences difficulty in breathing. Sometimes, this breathing difficulty can attain severe stages if the amount of particles inhaled is high. This symptom generally takes time to develop.


Asbestos particles from the respiratory tract tend to move towards the digestive system and block the digestive system. So the person starts experiencing difficulty in the digestion of food stuffs. As a result, the body starts throwing out the food stuffs that are consumed. Hence, the person experience vomiting problems. This sign is observed in the early stages of asbestos cancer.

Weakened immune system:-

As the person finds it difficult to digest food, a lot of weakness is observed in his body. Due to lack of nutrients, the cells responsible for fighting against the attacking viruses and bacteria become weak. This results into a weakened immune system and the person starts suffering from variety of other diseases like jaundice, diarrhea, flu, malaria etc.


This symptom is generally observed in the late stages of the tumor. As the tumor gains control over the body the person suffers from a wide range of disease and hence a lot of body pain is observed. Sometimes, this pain is also observed at the back of the throat and lower abdomen. This pain is so severe that the person finds it very difficult to speak, sit and stand. Nausea is also considered as the side effect of the tumor and can be seen after chemotherapy treatment.


When the asbestos particles get inhaled, they get struck in the respiratory tract and so the space through which the air passes gets narrowed. As a result, a strange sound occurs wile breathing. This sound is known as wheezing and is a common symptom of asbestos cancer.

Excessive weight loss:-

Due to weakened immune system and digestion problems, the food consumption of the body gets reduced and so continuous weight loss is observed. This symptom is generally observed in the second stage of the tumor.

Problems in swallowing food:-

Sometimes, these asbestos particles get stuck in the throat which causes redness in the throat. Due to this, the person faces a lot of problems in swallowing food.

Continuous fever:-

Due to weakened immune system the body is unable to fight against the attacking viruses and bacteria. As a result the continuous fever is observed. Sometimes this fever is confused with flu.

Asbestos cancer is considered as a tumor that is very difficult to cure. Is it is detected in later stages it turns into a life threatening form of disease. So it is very important to diagnose the early signs of asbestos cancer at a right time to eradicate the malignant cells and the tumor and to successfully treat the disease.

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