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Asbestos cancer also known as mesothelioma is a tumor that occurs due to direct contact with asbestos particles. These particles are extensively used for various household purposes like roofing, tiling, building walls, plumbing etc. They are also present in products which are used on a daily basis such as coffee vending machines, popcorn poppers, clutches of hand bags and toasters. Asbestos cancer support informs you about the bodies which make people aware of this tumor and provide encouragement to people who suffer from such tumors.

Asbestos particles are very harmful for our body. These particles once inhaled cannot be thrown out of the body. They tend to attack the respiratory tract and hence the person starts facing breathing difficulties. In advanced stages of asbestos cancer, they tend to attack the digestive system and cause digestion problems. Because of this, the person vomits whatever he eats. In advanced stages, due to lack of nutrients, the immune system becomes weak and so the person gets prone to wide range of diseases causing multiple concerns.

In companies where the workers are exposed to such particles, it is very important to conduct certain lectures and workshops which inform the workers about the ill effects of this cancer and also educate them regarding the symptoms and early signs of asbestos cancer. Certain diagnosis tests should also be conducted in such companies.

Diagnosing this tumor at early stages ensures a successful treatment of this disease. Diagnosis of this disease includes several blood tests, MRI, CT scan and X-rays. Other tests for diagnosis include biopsy, thorasenticis, thorascopy and Laparoscopy. Asbestos cancer support:-

Asbestos cancer support includes information about certain bodies and forums which make people aware of this disease and also provide mental support and financial assistance to people who suffer from this disease.

  • Internet support:-

    Nowadays, internet has become an emerging media. There are various sites which make people aware of this cancer regarding its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. They also help people who are diagnosed with this tumor by conducting certain discuss forums, communities and blogs. This helps in motivating people and also gives them mental support which is very important for a person suffering from this disease.

  • Health care advisors:-

    They play an important role in encouraging people are also provide them with mental support that is very important to face this tumor. Various lectures are conducted by these professionals which includes certain case studies and other examples of people who have survived through this tumor. They also conduct certain workshops for such patients.

  • Support groups:-

    These groups conduct certain one on one question sessions and group meetings where the patients can ask their queries and get them sorted out. They also have certain call centers which offer 24/7 assistance to the customers. These customer care centers provide mental support to depressed patients and also provide information to the family members on how to take care of such patients.

  • NGOs:-

    There are various organizations such as National Cancer Aid, American Association of Cancer Care which work towards the welfare of cancer patients. These organizations conduct various get - togethers, weekly meetings and other functions which give a chance to the cancer patients to interact which each other and to gain each other's moral support. These organizations are non-profit organizations and they also conduct various surveys and other studies. They also accept charities from worldwide which is utilized for the welfare of these patients.

  • Activists:-

    There are also some activists worldwide who work for the betterment of cancer patients. These activists are associated with NGOs and other organizations which work towards the welfare of cancer patients.

Asbestos cancer support organization's basic aim is to conduct various welfare programs for cancer patients and spread awareness about asbestos cancer. They also conduct various lectures where patients are taught on how to cope up with different stages. They are provided with emotional and practical aspects which are a must while coping up with such tumors. Asbestos cancer support is conducted at various places such as churches, community centers and hospitals worldwide. There are also several online communities which provide people with discussions and answer their queries. They also provide their followers with latest news in the diagnosis and treatment sector of the disease.

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