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Asbestos cancer occurs when the asbestos particles are inhaled. These particles get stuck in the respiratory tract. This blocks the respiratory tract and the person finds it very difficult to breathe. Sometimes, these particles get swallowed and get stuck in the digestive system. So the body tries to throw out these particles and thus the tumor starts disseminating. A study conducted by American Cancer Care in 2008 reveals that more than 2500 people are diagnosed with Asbestos cancer symptoms every year. This cancer is mostly seen in people who work in mines, site of construction, plumbers, and electricians. This cancer is of contagious type and is closely associated with lung cancer. If the symptoms of this cancer are treated at early stages, the chances of survival tend to increase. It is mostly seen in people in the age group of 30 to 45 years. Asbestos cancer treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy, palliative therapy and radiation therapy.

Asbestos Cancer symptoms include :-

  • Chest pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Digestion problems
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weight loss
  • Weakened immune system
  • Wheezing
  • Blood clots


Diagnosis is made with the help of several blood tests, CT scan, MRI scan and other laboratory tests. Special tests for diagnosis include Biopsy, Thorascopy, Laparoscop and Thorasenticis.

Asbestos Cancer Treatment:-


In surgery, all the malignant tissues and the tumor are completely removed from the body. After this, several medications are prescribed which reduce the chances of recurrence of asbestos cancer. Type of surgery to be conducted depends upon the diagnosis of the tumor. Research conducted by World Cancer Council shows that there are 20 percent chances of recurrence of this tumor after surgery. There are various tests that have to be conducted before surgery or it can result into several complications.


Chemotherapy is also used as an option for asbestos cancer treatment. In this, several drugs are prescribed in the form of tablets and vaccinations. These drugs travel throughout the body and kill the malignant cells and the tumor. This therapy is later followed by nutrition therapy which helps the body to recover from the weakness that is caused due to this tumor. This therapy is generally planned in proper time intervals. It cannot be continued for a long time. If this therapy is continued for a prolonged period, it can have numerous side effects on our body. Side effects of this therapy include hair loss, redness over skin, scars, appetite loss etc.

Biological Therapy:-

Asbestos particles tend to attack the digestive system. This indirectly affects the immune system and our body is exposed to variety of diseases. Biological therapy is a kind of therapy where the immune system is targeted and certain medications are prescribed. These medications attack the cancer cells directly and destroy the tumor. This therapy helps to restrict the growth of malignant cells, kills all the malignant cells which exist in the immune system and restricts the widespread of the tumor.

Palliative Therapy:-

Palliative therapy is generally conducted to reduce the pain that the patient suffer due to this tumor. This treatment is identical to curative therapy and they both are generally combined and given. This therapy encourages the patient to cope up with the physical and mental issues which arise due to this tumor. This makes the patient confident and they start feeling better. The basic aim of this therapy is to provide comfort to the patient and improve his quality of life.

Radiation Therapy:-

In this therapy, high radiation ways are emitted inside the body. These waves travel throughout the body and destroy the malignant cells and the tumor by damaging their DNA. This therapy is considered as the best option for the cure of asbestos cancer. A research conducted by the American Health Council shows that nearly half of the patients suffering from asbestos cancer are treated with this therapy. This therapy prevents the cells from getting divided and restricts their widespread. While conducting this therapy, proper care should be taken as it also damages the normal cells leading to further side effects. This therapy can also be combined with palliative therapy as a part of successful asbestos cancer treatment.

Symptoms of asbestos cancer can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, palliative therapy, biological therapy and radiation therapy which are a part of asbestos cancer treatment. Among all these therapies chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are widely used. It also throws a limelight on the symptoms and importance of the disease.

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