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Bladder cancer means the formation of infectious cells in the tissues of the bladder which cause damage to the bladder. The bladder is a hollow and muscular organ which stores the urine which is formed after the blood is filtered by the kidneys. The bladder is located in the lower abdomen of a person.

It is very important for a person to take proper care if he is undergoing treatment or has already undergone treatment. The reason being that the bladder cancer is a kind of disease which has high possibilities of recurrence. Calculating bladder cancer life expectancy helps in designing care pattern in a better manner. So a person must be well aware about the care, causes, symptoms etc. of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer care:

As there are high possibilities of the bladder cancer recurrence, proper care is necessary for the patient in order to stay fit and healthy. To avoid recurrence, the person must know the precautionary measure or the bladder cancer care factors. Some of the bladder cancer care factors are mentioned below.

    Bladder Cancer Care
  • Stop smoking or do not smoke: One of the best ways to avoid the occurrence of bladder cancer is to avoid smoking or to quit smoking. The cigarettes include the presence of a toxic substance called as nicotine. It is very harmful for the lungs and some other parts of the human body. An individual must make sure that he is not smoking and increasing the risk of getting affected again by the disease.
  • Liquid consumption: A person must consume a lot of healthy liquid daily. Healthy liquid includes the presence of water, milk, fruit juice, etc. Approximately, 8 to 10 cups of healthy liquid must be consumed everyday by a person. The intake of caffeine must be avoided.
  • Healthy diet: Following a healthy diet is necessary. The diet must include a variety of cereals, bread, pasta, rice, yogurt, etc. Also, eating meat, eggs and fish is healthy for the humans. The diet must have the correct amount of proteins, minerals, calcium, carbohydrates etc.
  • Safe work place: Proper precautionary and safety measures must be followed at the work place by the person. Especially, if the person is working at a place where there is exposure to certain types of chemicals including the chemical called as aromatic amines. The industries where people come across such chemicals includes the leather industries, paint products industry, rubber industry etc.

Bladder cancer treatment:

There are treatment options available to treat the disease of bladder cancer. The treatment options include:

  • Chemotherapy: The chemotherapy is done to kill the tumor cells which distract the bladder and try to damage it. The chemotherapy is often called as chemo.
  • Transurethral resection: In this method of treatment, an instrument known as cystoscope is used to insert from the urethra, which is a tube from where the urine passes out from the body. The tumor is then burned with the help of laser or electrical current.
  • Radiation: In this treatment, the gamma rays or the x-rays are used. The radiation helps in killing the cancer and preventing it from spreading further.
  • Intravesical therapy: In this type of treatment, a catheter is used to place in the bladder and medicines are given directly into the bladder
  • Surgery: While undergoing surgery, the bladder can be removed by the doctor, which can also include the removal of the lymph nodes and the surrounding organs

If a person is already undergoing a treatment to cure his bladder cancer, then he must follow the bladder cancer care factors. Support for bladder cancer forms an inevitable part of apt and timely bladder cancer care. Also if a person has suffered from bladder cancer and is fit again after undergoing treatment to eradicate the cancer, there are chances that the cancer will reoccur. Hence, people must be well aware about bladder cancer care facts

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