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In recent times, it has become very necessary for people to know what bladder cancer is. This is because of the growing rate of bladder cancer among people. The bladder is an organ in the human body which stores and eliminates the urine. The bladder is a muscular and hollow organ that is located in the lower abdomen.

There are some types of infectious cells which form on the tissue of the bladder and multiply without control and spread as well. This infection caused by the multiplying cells is called as 'bladder cancer'.

To be well aware about bladder cancer, it is necessary for the people to know the bladder cancer early signs, causes, treatments, survival rate etc.

Bladder cancer early signs:

There are certain symptoms and signs seen in the early period of the bladder cancer occurrence. A few of them are mentioned below:

    Bladder Cancer Early Signs
  • Hematuria: The term 'hematuria' means blood clots or blood in the urine. It has been discovered that 90% to 80% people face hematuria as an early sign of bladder cancer. It is one of the most common bladder cancer early sign seen in people.

  • Flank pain: A pain that is felt around the kidneys in the lower back. Such type of pain is called as flank pain.

  • Dysuria: Dysuria is a type of pain felt by the patient during urination

  • Urinary tract infection (UTI): If a person faces frequent urinary tract infections, then it is an early sign of bladder cancer

  • Frequent urination: It is seen that the person needs to urinate atleast small amount of urine after regular intervals

  • Pelvic mass: The term pelvis indicates a growth occurred in the pelvis which is near the bladder

  • Swelling: A swelling is seen to have occurred in the lower legs

  • Pain: A pain is experienced in the anal, rectal or pelvic area of an individual

Bladder Cancer Causes:

There are certain factors because of which bladder can be caused as they are harmful in their own ways. Some of the bladder cancer causes are stated below:

  • Smoking: It is but obvious that smoking can be one of the factors causing bladder cancer. Cigarettes contain a harmful substance known as nicotine. It is very harmful for the human beings because of the toxic content in it. The chemicals used to make cigarettes come in contact with the bladder when the urine gets stored in the bladder. During this time, they damage the bladder and later, bladder cancer can be caused.

  • Profession: There are certain chemicals which are known as arylamines. They are believed to cause the bladder cancer as they are very harmful. It is now about 20years, that such harmful chemicals are banned in the UK. Some of the harmful chemicals include:
    • Xenylamine
    • O-toluidine
    • Aniline dyes

The professions where people can come across chemicals which are harmful and can cause bladder cancer are professions like truck drivers, leather industry workers, plastic industry workers, painters, miners etc.

Bladder Cancer treatment:

Because of the advanced development in all the medical fields, there are many treatment for bladder cancer, some of them are stated below:

  • TUR (Transurethral resection with fulgration): It is a treatment in which the cancerous tissues are removed which are present in the bladder and then the bladder is treated

  • Urostomy: This surgery is done to create an opening in the abdomen wall, from where the urine can be eliminated

  • Reconstruction of the bladder: It is a type of surgery where the small intestine tissues are used as a substitution to the bladder
It is very necessary for an individual to know the bladder cancer early signs, causes, treatments, etc. in order to recognize them in himself if he comes across such situation. It will help him in treating the cancer at the right time rather that coming to a stage where the cancer becomes critical to treat with.

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