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The cancer which occurs in the bladder that is situated in the lower abdomen is known as 'bladder cancer'. The bladder is a hollow, muscular and balloon shaped organ that functions as storing and eliminating the liquid waste from the human body which is known as urine. The urine is the liquid which is produced by the kidney while filtering the blood and is sent to the bladder for elimination.

Bladder Cancer Prevention There are certain infectious cells that get formed on the tissues of the bladder. This formation of the infectious cells which result into damaging the bladder is known bladder cancer. There are various reasons or causes for the occurrence of bladder cancer in an individual's body. It is necessary for an individual to avoid the bladder cancer causing factors to have a safe and healthy life. For this, the bladder cancer prevention measure must be known to people. Support for bladder cancer patient should be designed in a manner helpful for victims to overcome both physical and mental sufferings.

Bladder cancer prevention:

Bladder cancer prevention means the necessary measures taken to prevent the presence of the cancer in a person's body. If a person follows the preventive measures of the bladder cancer, he might not get affected with cancer very easily. The bladder cancer preventive measures are:

  • Quit smoking - One of the major factors behind the cause of bladder cancer is smoking. Smoking cigarettes is very harmful and injurious. For bladder cancer prevention, avoid or quit smoking.

  • Eating a healthy diet - A healthy diet keeps you free from disorders and increases your immunity as well. A healthy diet means a diet that has the sufficient amount of protein content, carbohydrates content, mineral content etc.

  • Avoid exposure to arsenic - It is necessary to consume water which is not contaminated with arsenic. An individual must drink tested or clean and unhygienic water.

  • Avoid exposure to industrial chemicals - An individual must avoid the exposure to certain industrial chemicals such as benzene, arylamines etc. certain occupational exposures to such chemicals can increase the risk of getting affected with bladder cancer. Such occupations include the occupations like textile workers, rubber industry workers, leather workers, paint industry workers etc.

  • Avoiding dehydration - A person must increase his fluid intake, especially drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration If a person takes such precautions, in rare cases, it can happen that he would still get affected with the cancer in his bladder.

To know whether a person has a sign of getting affected with bladder cancer can be clearly known from the bladder cancer symptoms.

The bladder cancer signs and symptoms which show the presence of the cancer in an individual's body.

Bladder cancer symptoms:

  • Hematuria - The presence of blood in the urine is known as hematuria. If a person faces a situation where blood is present in his urine, then it is a symptom of presence or growth of the cancer in his bladder.

  • Abdominal pain - A pain or sometimes cramps in the abdomen is a symptom of bladder cancer in human beings

  • Urinary frequency - The person feels the urge to urinate very frequently, even though he doesn't consume a large amount of water or other liquid forms

  • Urinary incontinence - It is a situation where the person loses the control over his bladder. During laughing, coughing or undergoing any other activity, the person cannot hold his urine or the urge to urinate.

The bladder cancer preventive measures are equally important for a person who is undergoing treatment to cure bladder cancer as well as a person who is fit and doesn't want to get affected by the disease. In order to live a disease free and a fit life, an individual must take the correct preventive and precautionary measure. Breakthroughs in bladder cancer can be both medical and non-medical

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