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The bladder is located in the lower part of the abdomen and is a hollow organ. It has a muscular wall which allows it to get smaller and larger. Its shape is like a balloon. The main function of the bladder is to store the urine. The presence of the cancer is noted when the cells which are normal, undergo certain transformations and multiply and grow without proper control. Bladder cancer treatment is necessary in order to prevent from reaching a critical stage of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer causes:

In order to know why exactly the bladder cancer occurs, it is necessary for the people to know the exact reasons for causes of the bladder cancer. Few of the bladder cancer causes are mentioned below:

  • Getting infected: It is often seen in the tropical areas that the people get bladder infection due to certain parasites. Such infection of the bladder can later result into bladder cancer.

  • Smoking of tobacco: Tobacco contains a toxic which is known as nicotine. The smoking of the nicotine is very injurious and harmful for an individual. It damages the lungs as well as sometimes the bladder. The worst consequences can result into bladder cancer.

  • Bladder problems since birth: Certain people have some kind of problems in their bladder since their birth time. If such problems are very severe, there is a strong possibility that the person may have to face bladder cancer problems. In order to avoid such a case, it is necessary for a person to undergo treatment since childhood.

  • Consuming less water: It is necessary for an individual to consume a specific volume of water every day. If this is not done, the kidney needs to face pressure and the bladder can get damaged as well.

Bladder cancer symptoms:

Almost all the diseases and disorders have certain signs and symptoms that show their presence. Some of the bladder cancer symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Frequent urination - The patient needs to face a problem of frequent urination. That he needs to urinate after regular intervals.

  • Pain while urinating (Dysuria) - The patient comes across a situation where he finds it painful to urinate

  • Urine in the blood (Hematuria) - Blood is seen in the urine by the patient

  • Pelvis growth - A growth near the bladder, in the pelvis is observed

Bladder cancer treatment:

Bladder Cancer Treatment For every bladder cancer patient, it is necessary to undergo or start a treatment as soon as cancer is detected in him. Intensity of bladder cancer treatment depends largely upon output of bladder cancer diagnosis. This can reduce the risk of the cancer going to the last stage or damaging the patient's health. There are certain treatments which a patient must follow. The treatment is done in order to eradicate the cancer and to preserve the bladder function. The treatments can be stated as:

  • Urostomy - It is a surgery in which an opening is created in the wall in the abdomen from where the urine can leave the body

  • Bladder reconstruction surgery - In this type of surgery, the tissue present in the small intestine is used as a substitute for the bladder

  • Segmental cystectomy - Segmental cystectomy means the partial or complete removal of the bladder

  • Transurethral resection with fulgration (TUR) - It is a procedure in which is used to remove the cancerous tissues present in the bladder as well as treat bladder cancer

It is important to know bladder cancer prognosis before recommending certain bladder cancer treatment for victim. In order to get properly treated and get recovered fully from the bladder cancer, it is very important that a patient does not face any complications or take actions which result as complications in bladder cancer treatment. Cancer is one of such diseases, which are getting common among people. With similar pace, the treatment options for the cancer patients are also developing and becoming easily available. It is in the patient's hands to get proper treatments and eradicate the presence of cancer in them.

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