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A cancer that occurs in an individual's bladder is called as the bladder cancer. The bladder is an organ that stores and later eliminates the urine, which is the liquid waste in the human body. The urine is formed while the kidney filters the blood in the human body. After the blood is filtered, the waste which is separated is sent to the bladder for the process of elimination.

Bladder Cancer Breakthrough In order to cure the bladder cancer at the right time, it is necessary for the patient to detect the cancer at the right time and undergo the right measures of treatment for the prevention and curing of the disease. There are various bladder cancer symptoms that prompt or show that certain infectious cells which can cause the bladder cancer are present in the person's body. Some of the symptoms are general signs showing that the disease must have occurred. But people must be aware of the other unique or uncommon symptoms which can prove to be dangerous. Also, it is necessary for an individual to know what the exact factors are or reasons that cause the bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer breakthrough:

In recent times, the number of bladder cancer patients has increased and this has resulted into various research and study done by many scientists in many universities around the world. Because of the research conducted, many new bladder cancer breakthroughs were seen. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Mushrooms can be used to fight against the cancer in the bladder:

    Scientists have made a discovery that a certain type of mushrooms known as 'maitake' can help in shrinking the bladder cancer tumors to a great extent. Such types of mushrooms are used commonly for cooking by the Japanese and Chinese people. In some places, these species of the mushroom are used to treat the diseases related with lever and blood pressure. With respect to the bladder cancer, it was seen that the maitake mushrooms damage or shrink the tumors because of which the bladder cancer has occurred. In few cases, the result was seen that the cancer in the bladder disappeared.

  • Consuming vegetables reduces the risk of Bladder cancer:

    It has been discovered by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, which is located in Buffalo, that the people smoke and consume small servings of raw vegetables which are cruciferous, for example cabbage and broccoli, decrease the risk of getting infected with bladder cancer by around 40 percent. Also people who don't smoke decrease the risk of getting infected with this disease by approximately 73 percent.

  • Vitamin E reduces the risk of bladder cancer:

    Scientists doing research at the M D Anderson Cancer Centre have came to a conclusion that the alpha-tocopherol Vitamin E helps in decreasing the risk of getting bladder cancer. Approximately 42 percent risk is reduced with the help of food which are very rich in the alpha-tocopherol like green and red pepper, sunflower seeds, fruits, almonds etc.

  • Cxbladder and reg:

    The company named as the Pacific Edge, which is a biomedical company situated in New Zealand introduced a method that can be used as a tool by the clinical surgeons that helps to detect the bladder cancer earlier than usual and also very precisely and also at a low cost.

Being updated with bladder cancer breakthrough is necessary for the bladder cancer patients as well as their family members in order to know what are the latest research results or news rays of hope that have been discovered.

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