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Bladder cancer is a common type of cancer that occurs due to the formation of infectious cells. Such cells get formed on the bladder tissue. The bladder works as an organ that eliminates the urine that is a liquid waste, from the human body. The urine is separated from the blood after it is filtered in the kidneys.

The bladder is an organ that is located in the lower abdomen of an individual. The occurrence of the cancerous cells in the bladder is a common type of cancer in recent years. There are many treatment options available to people to cure the bladder cancer. But it can be cured only if it is detected at the right time. In order to be aware of the bladder cancer prognosis, people must know about bladder cancer causes, bladder cancer symptoms, bladder cancer treatment options etc. Some of them are precisely mentioned below.

Bladder cancer causes: There are many reasons for the occurrence of bladder cancer in human beings. In order to prevent the bladder cancer occurrence, the bladder cancer causes should be avoided or stayed away from. Some of the factors that cause the bladder cancer are:

  • Smoking cigarette: It is one of the most aggressive factors that can result into the development of cancer in the bladder of a person. The smoking of cigarette is harmful to the kidneys and the presence of the toxin called as nicotine increases the damaging rate caused by the cigarette.

  • Infection in the bladder: The infection in the bladder often results into bladder cancer. The infectious cells become more and more infectious and then cause the bladder cancer.

  • Bladder problem: The people who have a problem or defect in their bladder since birth are more likely to have this disease developed in their bladder

Bladder cancer symptoms: The bladder cancer symptoms are those signs which show that there are high possibilities that the cancerous cells must be present in the bladder. Some symptoms of the bladder cancer are:

  • Presence of blood in the urine: The presence of blood in the urine of an individual indicates that there are high chances that the bladder of the person must be affected due to the bladder cancer.

  • Pain in the abdomen: Often experienced pain in the abdomen is a sign that the person can be affected due to bladder cancer.

  • Frequent urination: When a person needs to urinate very frequently, that is after regular intervals, it should be taken as a symptom of the bladder cancer along with other symptom factors.

Bladder cancer treatment: For treating the bladder cancer and getting cured, there are many treatment options available. But the correct treatment options should be followed to get cured fully. Some of the methods of treatment for bladder cancer are:

  • Segmental cystectomy: The process in which partial or complete removal of the bladder is done is known as segmental cystectomy.

  • Bladder reconstruction surgery: This surgery constitutes of substitution of the bladder with the help of the tissues in the small intestine.
Bladder Cancer Prognosis

Bladder cancer prognosis: Like most of the disease, if the bladder cancer is treated at the right time or if the right treatment measures are followed then the cancer can be cured. If the cancer is detected relatively late, then the chances of curing it are very less.

Also, it depends on what stage the cancer has reached. If the stage of the cancer is initial, then it can be cured completely. But if the stage has reached to a critical stage then the treatment also becomes very difficult. The patient's age and immunity also decides the curing of the disease. If the person is too old, he might not respond that positively to the treatments conducted. The bladder cancer patients must be familiar with the bladder cancer prognosis in order to know the drawbacks of the disease. The study of the bladder cancer makes him aware about how the disease is caused and what the symptoms of the disease are. Having some knowledge of the treatment options for bladder cancer helps an individual to approach the doctor for the right curing procedures.

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