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The bladder is a balloon like structure that is situated in the lower abdomen of an individual. It is a hollow and muscular organ. Its main function is to allow the urine to go out of the body. Due to some factors, a type of infectious cells gets formed on the tissues of the bladder that result into damaging and infecting the bladder. This condition of the bladder is known as bladder cancer.

Nowadays, there are many treatment options available to cure the bladder cancer depending upon the stage of the cancer. But at the same time, there are risks and chances of the bladder cancer recurrence if the patient is not aware of the same fact. In order to make the patients aware about the bladder cancer recurrence, the recurrence of the bladder cancer is discussed below.

Bladder cancer recurrence Bladder Cancer Recurrence

To treat the bladder cancer, there are many treatment options available but it is a misconception in the minds of the people that once the bladder cancer is cured, people are safe. No doubt the people are safe but there are certain factors which can result into the bladder cancer recurrence. Bladder cancer recurrence means that the infectious cells which cause the bladder cancer can again get formed in the bladder if proper precautions are not taken by the patient. As a result, the bladder cancer symptoms are seen again in the patient by his medical consultant. To avoid the bladder cancer recurrence, the patient must stay away from the factors causing the bladder cancer such as smoking, chemical exposure, infectious diseases etc. The patient must follow the regular health checkups and should contact his health provider if he encounters any kind of health issues again.

Bladder cancer symptoms

Symptoms are the mental or physical factors that indicate the occurrence of certain disease or disorder.

The bladder cancer symptoms are many in number. Some of them can be stated as:

  • Painful urination: One of the most common symptoms of the bladder is feeling the pain while urinating. A person finds it difficult to urinate because of the pain in the bladder he needs to face during urination.
  • Frequent urination: The victim of the bladder cancer feels the urge to urinate very frequently. Even if he has just emptied his bladder, he needs to urinate again after regular intervals.
  • Hematuria: It is a condition when blood is detected in the urine of a person. Hematuria is one of the most important symptom showing the presence of the bladder cancer.
  • Leakage of urine: The leakage of the urine can be also called as urinary incontinence. In the urinary incontinence, the person loses his control over the bladder, which means that he cannot control his urge to urinate or hold his urine for a long time. Also sometimes, while the person laughs or coughs, the urine can leak from his bladder because of the urinary incontinence.
  • Weight loss: Losing weight without any intention is also a sign of the occurrence of the cancer in a person's bladder. If an individual does not reduce his daily food intake but still loses weight, then it is a type of bladder cancer symptom. Complications: Many a times, there are possibilities that the cancer can spread to some nearby organs. It can spread to the bones, lungs and liver. Some more of the complications include:
  • Urethral stricture: It means that the urethra, which carries the urine and allows it to go out of the body, narrows in an abnormal manner.
  • Anemia: It is a situation when the hemoglobin and the red cells in the body are not in the required amount. There is a deficiency of both.
  • Hydronephrosis: It is a condition where the ureters undergo swelling.

The bladder cancer recurrence can be avoided by the patient if he takes proper care of his health and takes the correct precautionary measures to avoid the risk of adapting the cancer again in his body. In order to be fit after undergoing the treatment for bladder cancer, an individual must visit his doctor after regular intervals in order to see whether he has dismissed the risks of the bladder cancer recurrence.

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