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Bladder cancer is a disease that is caused in the human bladder due to the formation of cells which are very infectious in nature. The bladder is situated in the lower part of the abdomen in an individual's body. Its function is to allow the liquid waste to go out of the human body.

From a period of time, it has been observed that the bladder cancer patients are increasing. It is more common in men than it is in women. There are a number of curing treatments available for the disease. Only thing is that the patient must approach the doctor at the right time for treatment.

Bladder cancer statistics:

After a long term of bladder cancer research and a long period of study, there are certain bladder cancer statistics that have been discovered or achieved. The bladder cancer statistics are certain facts which the people are not aware of. Prognosis for bladder cancer is a part of bladder cancer statistics. Some of the bladder cancer statistics are:

  • The ratio of the occurrence of the bladder cancer in the male and female is 3:1

  • The bladder cancer is the 8th most commonly occurring cancer in women and 4th in men. The bladder cancer stands at the 5th position with respect to the most commonly occurring cancer type.

  • It is found that 1 in 84 women have a chance of getting infected by bladder cancer and 1 in 27 men have a chance of getting infected by the bladder cancer.

  • Many a times, women delay their treatment because the bladder cancer is wrongly taken as a common problem of gynecological

  • There are almost 90% transitional cell carcinomas which consist of the urothelial tumors

  • In the bladder cancer, about 5% infectious cells are the squamous cells

  • Among the children, the rhabdomyosarcomas occurs very commonly

  • The superficial transitional cell in the bladder cancer has a high rate of recurrence

  • Percentage of bladder cancer patients at particular ages:

    • More than 85years old- 12.8%
    • Age between 75years and 84years- 1%
    • Age between 65years and 74years- 27.4%
    • Age between 55years and 64years- 17.9%
    • Age between 45years to 54years- 7.5%
    • Age between 35years to 44years- 1.8%
    • Age between 20years to 34years- 0.5%
    • Below than 20yers old- 0.1%

  • The survival rate differs from the stage to stage.

  • The bladder cancer patients among blacks are almost half than they are among the whites. The rate of bladder cancer patients in the Hispanics is less than it is among the blacks.

  • The medical aid also depends upon the immunity or the age of the people

  • The family medical history plays an important role in determining the presence of the bladder cancer

  • Smoking is the most aggressive factor that causes the bladder cancer among people. Occupational factors are equally harmful.

  • Almost 14,330 people died of bladder cancer in the year 2009

  • Frequent infection in the urinary tract can increase the possibilities of bladder cancer occurrence

  • PCSA, that is gene mutation, increases the factors of risk for the occurrence of bladder cancer

  • Hematuria (presence of blood in the urine) is one of the most important symptom of bladder cancer

The bladder cancer statistics play an important for the people to know the facts about bladder facts or the impact of the bladder cancer. Knowing various avenues for bladder cancer support can boost morale of bladder cancer victims to fight the disorder with ease. The statistics are achieved after a long research or study of the bladder cancer. The statistics shows the importance to treat the disease at the right time.

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