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The cancer occurring in the bladder that is situated in the lower abdomen of a person is known as the bladder cancer. Prognosis of bladder cancer is an approximate analysis of future behavior of abnormal and cancerous cells located in bladder. The bladder is a balloon-shaped organ which is made up of muscles and is hollow. Some infectious cells accumulate themselves on the tissue of the bladder and form bladder cancer.

In recent years, the disease of bladder cancer has become common among many people. With the growing rate of bladder cancer patients, the treatment options available with people are also many in numbers. But due to lack of knowledge and awareness of bladder cancer, some people fail to identify the presence of cancer in them and the cancer is detected when it reaches the last stage.

Bladder cancer support:

Many a times, it is seen that the bladder cancer patients lose hope or their desire for living. Even their family members and loved ones get mentally disturbed looking at the difficulties the bladder cancer patient needs to face. In such a condition, a support is necessary which can help such people mentally as well as financially. Some of the bladder cancer support options are mentioned below.

  • Telephonic Support groups for Bladder cancer:

    With the help of telephonic support groups, the bladder cancer patients or their family members can approach the people who have similar problems like them. They can experience the organized scheduled sessions of one hour regularly. Some of the groups are mentioned below: Support Groups for patients- Bladder Cancer Support

    • Men with Cancer Support Groups
    • Ovarian Cancer Patient Support Group
    • Post-Treatment Survivorship Support Group
    • Men and Women with Advanced Cancer Support Group
    Support Groups for Parents or Special people-
    • Parents of Children with Cancer Support Group
    • Caregivers and Loved Ones Support Group
    • Pancreatic Cancer Caregiver Support Group

  • Support Groups for Bladder cancer patients in United States of America:

    In the United States of America, there are many bladder cancer support groups which have been established in different states to help and support the bladder cancer patients. The groups are classified depending on the state where they are located.

    New Jersey

    • Partners Bereavement Support Group
    • General Patients Support Group
    New York City
    • Post-Treatment Survivorship for Young Adults Support Group
    • People Who Have Lost a Young One Support Group
    • Spouse and Partner Caregiver Support Group
    • Young Adults with Cancer
    • Young Adults Who Have Lost a Parent Support Group
    • Blended Voices- For Women Diagnosed with Cancer and Their Loved Ones
    • Kids Group- For Children Who Have a Parent with Cancer
    • Healing with Words- A Writing Group for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers
    Long Island
    • Bereavement Support Group
    • Support Group for Cancer Patients
    • Caregiver Support Group
    • Siblings Support Group
    • Support Group for Teens
  • Online support groups:

    These are the types of groups which support the bladder cancer patients through the internet. That is, they act as a counselor or a support where people can contact them through the internet and can share or exchange thoughts and experience online. The people who are always ready for bladder cancer support online can be approached anytime, 24 hours a day.

    Some of the online bladder cancer support groups are:

    • Post-Treatment Survivorship Support Group
    • Men with Cancer Support Group
    • Women with Cancer Support Group
    • Caregivers and Loved Ones Support Group
    • Young Adult Caregiver Support Group
In order to approach the bladder cancer support groups, the patient or his loved ones must not feel shy or hesitate. They would be entertained with the correct support or help which is necessary.

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