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A cancer which is caused in the bladder and causes damages is known as the bladder cancer. An organ which does the work of storing and eliminating the urine from the human body is known as the bladder. The bladder is a hollow muscular organ which has sort of a balloon-like structure.

Bladder cancer is a state in which some type of infectious cells gets formed on the bladder tissue and starts causing the damages to the individual's bladder. There are many bladder cancer surgery options available if the bladder has gone to the last stage.

Bladder cancer symptoms and causes are very common and can happen to anyone. They are discussed below in brief.

Bladder cancer surgery

To tackle the disease of bladder cancer, there are certain treatment options available. To treat the disease, surgery must be undergone by the patient once the doctor suggests it. There are many types of surgeries, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Cancer removal surgery: A surgery is undergone to remove the cancerous cells from the bladder of the patient. The surgery is called as:
      Bladder Cancer Surgery
    • TUR (transurethral resection): The transurethral resection is a method that is used to remove the cancerous tissues as well as to treat the bladder cancer. Another name for this type of surgery is transurethral resection for bladder tumor (TURBT). In the transurethral surgery, a cystoscope is used to let go in the urethra and to the bladder. A tool is used which is called as resectoscope that helps in removing the cancer for the biopsy and also burns away the other cancer cells.

  • Bladder removal surgery: The patient undergoes a surgery where his bladder is removed because of the highly developed cancerous cells that cause the damage. The surgery which needs to be undergone is:
    • Cystectomy: A surgical procedure that is used to remove full or the partial bladder is known as the cystectomy. It is used to destroy the cancerous cells that have reached the wall of the bladder as a recurrence or the first occurrence. The process of the radical cystectomy results into removing the bladder as well as the pelvic organs which surround it.

  • Other types of surgeries:
    • Bladder reconstruction surgery - In this surgery, the tissue that is present in the small intestine of an individual, is used as a substitute instead of the bladder
    • Urostomy: A surgery that ends up with an opening that is created in the abdomen wall for the urine to go out is known as urostomy

Bladder cancer causes

A number of factors are responsible for the cause of this cancer. Some of them can be prevented if proper care is taken to avoid such causes. Some of the bladder cancer causes are:

  • Infectious causes: In some of the tropical areas, there are parasites that infect a person. It results into the infection of the person's bladder, which can soon develop as a cancer in the bladder.
  • Less water consumption: A certain quantity of water is necessary in order to allow the kidney to function smoothly. If the required quantity of water is not consumed, the kidney comes under pressure and further bladder problems can be created.

Bladder cancer symptoms

Almost all the diseases and disorders have some or the other sign or symptom that shows it occurrence. Similarly, there are certain signs showing the symptoms of the bladder cancer. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Hematuria (blood in the urine): One of the most common symptoms faced by the victim is the hematuria. In hematuria, the patients experiences the presence of blood in the urine.
  • Dysuria (pain during urination): This is a symptom in which the patient experiences pain while urinating.
  • Frequent urination - The victim faces the problem of getting the urge to urinate very frequently. He comes across situation where he needs to urinate after regular intervals.

The bladder cancer surgery helps the patient to get rid of the disease if he contacts his doctor once he sees the symptoms in himself. In order to get rid of the disease completely, it is necessary that the treatments are started on the right time.

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