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A disorder that occurs in the bladder of an individual as a result of the formation of infectious cells on the tissue of the bladder is known as the bladder cancer. The bladder acts as an organ that sends out the liquid waste in a person's body in the form of urine. The bladder is a hollow muscular and balloon like structure in the human body.

From a period of time, bladder cancer has become one of the most common diseases that occur among people. As a result, it has become necessary for them to know the exact bladder cancer causes, symptoms, etc. Also, people who suffer from this disease need to be aware about the bladder cancer survival rate.

Below mentioned are certain factors related to bladder cancer, about which the people must be aware.

Bladder cancer survival rate

The survival rate for bladder cancer indicates the estimated number of people who have or had been suffering from this disease and have successfully survived the results or damages this disease causes for a long period of time or a specific period of time. Usually, the bladder cancer statistics show the survival rate for 5years. Which means the survival rate for 5years since the time when the patient has undergone treatment measures. It shows the result for the people who have survived the disease for atleast 5years with the presence of any symptom of bladder cancer recurrence or no symptom of recurrence.

The bladder cancer survival rate focuses upon a large group of people and not a single patient in specific. So a prediction cannot be done to what can happen to a particular person. It is basically a statistical analysis. Depending on the stage of the bladder cancer, the survival rate is mentioned below.

Bladder cancer stage Survival rate
Stage 0 Rate of survival is 98%
Stage 1 Rate of survival is 88%
Stage 2 Rate of survival is 63%
Stage 3 Rate of survival is 46%
Stage 4 Rate of survival is 15%

Bladder cancer causes

There are a number of factors responsible for the presence of bladder cancer in a person's body. They are known as the bladder cancer causes. Some of the bladder cancer causes are:

  • Infection of the bladder: It is an obvious cause for the presence of cancer in the bladder. Bladder cancer occurs due to formation of infectious cells in the bladder. An infection in the bladder can result to bladder cancer.
  • Cigarette smoking: The presence of tobacco and nicotine in the cigarettes make them very harmful. Cigarette smoking can result into bladder cancer as well.
  • Chemical exposure: There are a number of chemicals, to which, the exposure of an individual can prove to be harmful. Such chemicals are known as carcinogens. About one fourth of the people suffer from bladder cancer due to exposure to such chemicals at work place.
  • Radiation treatment: The women who undergo the radiation therapy in order to treat their cervical cancer have an increased risk of getting infected with bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer symptoms

There are certain factors which act as symbol or symptom of the bladder cancer. The presence of such symptoms seen in a person's body increases the possibilities of presence of the cancer in the patient's body. Some of the bladder cancer symptoms are:

  • Hematuria: Blood presence in a patient's urine is known as hematuria. The occurrence of blood in a patient's urine indicates the bladder cancer presence in his body.
  • Urinary incontinence: The urinary incontinence is a situation where a person fails to control his bladder. He can't control his urge to urinate. Also, many a times, it happens that when the person laughs or coughs, it results into urinary leakage.
  • Painful urination: Feeling the pain while urination is a sign showing that the bladder tissue of an individual is infected. This is a sign of bladder cancer.

The possibilities of getting cured from bladder cancer have increased more than it was in the olden days. Due to advanced treatment facilities, people can defeat the bladder cancer risks and infectious cells. Immune system is one of the major deciding factors in bladder cancer life expectancy. The bladder cancer survival rate is a proof for the same. In order to start the treatment or stay safe without getting infected from bladder cancer, people must be well aware of the bladder cancer symptoms and causes.

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