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Blood cancer awareness is already widespread. Even so, everybody needs to do his bit to spread knowledge about blood cancer.

Blood cancer comprises of a variety of cancers. As the name suggests, these are the cancers of the blood. Blood cancer starts by mutation of a single cell which then multiplies into many other mutated cells. Leukemia being the most commonly found type of blood cancer. In leukemia, there is an excessive growth of white blood cells. These white blood cells accumulate in the body, either in the bone marrow or in the bone. These interfere with the production of normal and healthy red blood cells. Leukemia itself is a broad term and can be of various types. For example, acute lymphoma leukemia, chronic lymphomatic leukemia, etc.

Another common form of blood cancer is lymphoma. Lymphoma again targets the immune system. As the name suggests, it causes accumulation in the lymph nodes and may result in swollen lymph nodes and / or an enlarged spleen nor liver. There are various other types of cancer that can be classified as blood cancer. These include various types of leukemia, lymphomas and myelomas.

Blood Cancer Awareness

Blood cancer is one of the most leading causes of death in the United States. According to the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR), the number of new cases of lymphoma in the United States for the year 2011 is estimated to be 75,190 of which, 40,880 are males and 34,310 are expected to be females. The number of deaths are expected to be 20,620 of which, 10,510 are expected to be males and 10,110 are expected to be females.

The number of new cases for myeloma is expected to be 20,520. Out of these, 11,400 are expected to be males and 9,120 are expected to be females. The number of deaths this year (2011) is expected to be 10,160 of which males are 5,770 and females are 4,840.

The number of new cases of leukemia is expected to be 44,600. Out of these, 25,320 are expected to be males and 19,280 are expected to be females. The number of deaths this year (2011) is expected to be 21,780 of which males are 12,740 and females are 9,040.

According to the trend above, blood cancer is more likely to affect the male populace than the female populace. Nevertheless, everybody needs to be aware of this mortal disease. This is what the aim of every individual must be. There are several societies and groups that work toward spreading awareness and helping blood cancer patients. Societies like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the National Cancer Institute, etc all work towards spreading cancer awareness.

Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Blood Cancer Awareness September 2010 was declared Blood Cancer Awareness Month by the United States House of representatives. All through the month of September, various activities are conducted in order to spread awareness about blood cancer. It is stated that 1 person dies of a form of blood cancer every 10 minutes. Orange is the color that is a general symbol of blood cancer awareness. Usually volunteers wear blood cancer awareness t- shirts or orange ribbons. The other alternate colors used are green and sometimes red. Pamphlets are distributed, seminars are conducted and donations are collected. Various other methods are used for the promotion of awareness of blood cancer. Various brands sponsor organizations or advertisements to spread awareness. Sometimes, other colors are used to denote a specific type of blood cancer.

Your support to blood cancer awareness is very important. Till today, the number of deaths of people due to blood cancer in the United States is very high and even more so globally. The number of people that die worldwide due to cancer is even higher than AIDS/ HIV. Every single person needs to be aware about this disease and needs to make others aware too. This is your first step to reducing your risk of developing this deadly disease.

You can buy products during the blood cancer awareness month or just donate money. Every little bit you do can make a big difference. But most importantly you need to be aware. Spread the Awareness. Wish you a healthy life. Stay aware stay safe.

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