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Blood cancer causes are not very specific. It may occur due to a variety of reasons, and at the same time, one particular reason cannot be pointed at. For blood cancer to begin, the mutation of just one single cell is required. There are three major types of blood cancers. These can be broadly classified as leukemia, multiple myeloma and lymphoma. When a mutated cell begins to multiply, it creates other mutated cells like itself. These mutated cells are usually located in the blood stream or may also be located in the bone marrow. A normal cell in the body matures and then dies. This however, is not the case for a mutated cell. A mutated cell will not mature and die. Instead, it will begin to accumulate inside the body. As the cell multiplies, other such cells will accumulate too, thus, it results in to various forms of blood cancer. The mutated genes are referred to as oncogenes.

Blood Cancer Causes

We cannot blame one particular reason to be responsible for cancer. Instead we can only narrow down to reasons that make blood cancer more likely in humans. It is necessary to understand blood cancer early signs well for finding basic blood cancer causes with respect to the victim.

Exposure to high levels of radiation

For the process of blood cancer to initiate, a blood cell must be mutated. Exposure to radiation increases the risk of mutation of cells. Exposure to radiation does not mean that you cannot get X - Rays made. X - Rays have low radiation and does not put you at a high risk. Similarly, C T scans also do not pose a severe threat. On the other hand, a medical procedure such as radiotherapy can put you at a much higher risk of contracting a form of blood cancer.


Blood Cancer Causes

Viruses can pose a risk of blood cancer. There are certain viruses which play a role in increasing a person's risk of blood cancer. For instance, the Epstein - Barr virus in Africa is seen as a posing threat. Also the HTLV-1 virus which is found in the southern region of the United States along with Japan and in the Caribbean, poses a threat for blood cancer. Despite the fact that a virus turn to form a cause for the development of blood cancer, blood cancer is not contagious.

Problems with the Immune System

A person with a weak immune system may not be able to fight the mutated cells. Thus, such a person has an increased risk of developing blood cancer. Also, person who is infected with AIDS is at a high risk of developing this cancer. In AIDS, the person's immune system is highly vulnerable and is unable to defend itself well. On some occasions, it is observed that a person with AIDS increases his risk of developing blood cancer by fifty to a hundred times.

Autoimmune diseases

This happens when the body mistakes its own healthy cells to be an intruder. In such a case, the body starts attacking and destroying its healthy cells. When this happens, it leads to the development of diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. An autoimmune disease raises a person's chances of developing blood cancer.

Chemical Exposure

Exposure to herbicides and pesticides can lead to blood cancer. The chemical content in these, especially Dioxin and Benzene increase a person's risk to blood cancer. A person comes in contact with benzene in his normal day to day life. It can be found in the smoke of cigarettes and even in gasoline. Certain dyes and polymers also make use of benzene. Benzene has been associated with certain types of leukemia. Chemotherapy can drastically increase a person's risk for blood cancer. In chemotherapy, the administered drugs take action against cells that are growing quickly. However, they are not able to differentiate between cancerous cells and the fast growing cells of the body, such as hair, and destroy them, thus, increasing the person's chances of developing blood cancer.

Blood cancer causes highlighted above can lead to the development of blood cancer. Personal background or history of cancer of blood or other organs is an important blood cancer cause leading to recurrence of blood cancer. However, the cause of blood cancer can be unknown and it is so in a large number of cases. The scientists are researching various new ways of approaching this disease. In the past 30 years, science has made considerable improvements for the treatment of blood cancer so, the hope still remains.

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