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Blood cancer research is going on today. The research of blood cancer has been going on for years. Finding the perfect cure is still at bay.

Difficulties in Blood Cancer Research

Blood cancer is a very broad term. It comprises of a lot of types that have been put together to constitute 'blood cancer'. This is the most important reason for creating difficulties in the research of blood cancer.

Today, blood cancer lists as the most common cause of deaths due to cancers, especially in the people who are below the age of 35. Over the years, the survival rate has not improved drastically. Because of the number of forms of blood cancer, research the medication for each of the forms turns out to be highly uneconomical. When there is a new medication or drug found, there may not be enough patients in order to set up clinical trial for the newly found drug. Of the few new drugs that do manage to get clinical trials, the total research of it may take as long as even 10 years. Statistics display varied areas of blood cancer in numerical format and are also important for blood cancer research.

New Approach

Despite this major fallout, new approaches are being made to the development in blood cancer research. One of the suggested approaches includes molecular profiling. This means that the protein patterns will be utilized so that the genes and the collection of genes which help transfer or mediate certain aspects of blood cancer can be identified. With the help of this, new individualized medication may be produced.

On other approach that is being paid attention and is already in research is the use of tumor tissues. According to this, tumor tissues can be used to make vaccines. These vaccines will allow the patient's immune system to be able to fight the cancer cells. Differential gene expression profiling is made use of in this approach.

Blood Cancer Research

One other research states to have found an effective treatment for patients with multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer that leads to the accumulation of plasma cells either within the bone marrow or the bones. Doing so, it interferes and restricts the production of normal healthy red blood cells from the bone marrow. If found accumulated within the bone it leads to bone lesions.

To this, scientists claim that the usage of zoledronic acid to be beneficiary. Zoledronic acid is a biphosphonate. This is used in order to control fractures in cancer patients. Thus, especially in multiple myeloma it is being used to control and reduce future bone fractures. The zoledronic acid also tends to reduce death risks for multiple myeloma patients.

A treatment which has been around for some while is the usage of rituximab. The action that rituximab takes is that it tags the cancer cells in the body of the patient. This 'tagging' of cancerous cells helps the body's immune system targets the cancerous cells and thus destroys them.

SPRYCEL is another such new drug. It has been stated that SPRYCEL has shown improved results in patients of chronic myeloid leukemia. This is another form of blood cancer which also poses a threat to the patient's life.

A very recent discovery has opened another perspective to approach leukemia. It was a report published by The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. The report stated that leukemia cell survival gets promoted by the process of fat oxidation. If proper prevention is put to the fat oxidation process, it may compel the cancerous leukemia cells to destroy themselves. On this topic, research needs to be further expanded as this could be a breakthrough if results appear in favor.

If you want to help in research for blood cancer there are various options available. The least you can do is make a donation to societies and groups that conduct researches in this segment. Other than this you can help by spreading blood cancer awareness. The minimum a human can do is support cancer patients.

Even if there are obstacles that appear on the path of finding a perfect cure to fight blood cancer, advances in blood cancer research are still being made. It may take a while for the best results to come. People are working hard in their struggle for life. Even so, a promising future awaits.

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