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Blood cancer prognosis is one of the most important things for a cancer patient. If you are affected by any of the various forms of blood cancer, you would want to know your prognosis from your doctor. Prognosis is nothing but the prediction that your doctor has about your disease and survival depending upon the results of the various tests that he has conducted.

Blood cancer prognosis has different forms that it can be made in. Mostly, it is estimated depending upon the cancer survival rates. These are of two major types:

  • Progression free survival rate: This estimate is of the total number of patients of cancer whose disease has not has not progressed or grown on them, even if they still have cancer.

  • Disease free survival rate: This gives us the estimate of the total number of people who have had cancer but are now living cancer free.

Knowing your prognosis will help your doctor plan a proper treatment for you. Also, knowing the prognosis helps you and the doctor understand the risks involved and estimate the chance that you may have at survival and a possible cure.

The entire prognoses that are made are usually dependent on the statically acquired collection of facts. Of course, your age, health, lifestyle and the stage of blood cancer that are observed at the time of diagnosis play a vital role. Remember that the prognosis made is only dependent on the current time. If you respond well to the given treatment, your chances and prognosis get a definite alteration.

The prognoses differ depending upon the type of blood cancer that you have. A form of leukemia will give you a different prognosis than a form of lymphoma or a myeloma. All of these cancers come under the umbrella of the term blood cancer.

Some estimated blood cancer survival rates for this year are as follows. For instance, the number of estimated deaths this year in California due to leukemia is 2,200. Similarly, the number of deaths in California due to Non - Hodgkin's Lymphoma is estimated to be 2,050. For New York, the estimated deaths this year due to leukemia stands at 1,350 and that for Non - Hodgkin's lymphoma stands at 1,470.

Blood Cancer PrognosisIn the United States, the probability of a male developing Non - Hodgkin's lymphoma is 1 in every 782 males and that for a female is estimated at 1 in every 1,719. The chances of developing leukemia amog the males in the United States are 1 in every 598 and that for females is 1 in every 759. Both the above refer to men and women who are under the age of 39. As age increases, the chances of developing cancer also increase.

Another factor that helps determine the prognosis can sometimes be the races. It has been observed that even if all the races develop blood cancers like multiple myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma (Hodgkin's disease and Non Hodgkin's disease), it is the whites amongst whom the chances of developing and dying of any of these forms is lesser as compared to the other. It is also observed that among other races, it is the African American race which stand at a higher risk of developing and dying of a form of blood cancer as compared to the other races.

Patients who have been on chemotherapy for some other form of cancer stand at a higher risk of leukemia. This is owing to the fact that one of the side effects of chemotherapy can be leukemia. Of people who are diagnosed with leukemia, there is a higher risk for those patients who are obese as the production of fatty acids in the body seem to be beneficial for leukemia cells. Patients who are diagnosed with Acute myelogenous leukemia ( a form of leukemia) have a 24% rate of survival for the next five years . as for those who are diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia, the chances for survival over the next five year is as high as 80 %. Statistics for blood cancer should be updated on regular basis as factors like blood cancer prognosis and survival rate keep changing from time to time

Among lymphoma, for Non - Hodgkin's lymphoma, the survival for one year is estimated at 80% and for five years it stands at 67%. Similarly, for Hodgkin's disease, the 1 year survival is estimated at 92% and that for five year it stands at 85%.

Blood cancer prognosis can differ for an individual and need not be exactly like the estimated figures. For the most part, it depends upon how your body responds to the treatment that you are being given. Always keep a healthy immune system. It is important to have a healthy life if you want a happy life.

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