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Blood cancer recurrence means blood cancer that was treated earlier but has now returned to the patient. This phenomenon exists and happens to people. As difficult as your first fight against cancer was, chances are that it might return.

Leukemia is a very common type of blood cancer. It starts by mutation in a single white blood cell which then rapidly multiplies and builds up in the bone marrow. This buildup restricts the bone marrow and does not allow it to perform its function of red blood cell production. According to The American Cancer Society, 1in every 66 males have a chance of developing leukemia and 1 in every 101 males has a chance of dying from it. Amongst females, 1 in every 91 females has a chance of developing leukemia and 1 in every 142 females has a chance of dying from it.

Lymphoma is another common form of blood cancer. This attacks the lymphatic system and the cancerous cells (which affect the plasma cells) travel through the body. The most commonly visible symptom of the disease is swollen lymph nodes which appear on the skin. There are two types of lymphomas, among which Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma is more common than Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Also, 1 in every 43males has a chance of developing Non-Hodgkin's disease and 1 in every 111 males has a chance of dying from it. Amongst females, 1 in every 52 females has a chance of developing this disease and 1 in every 133 females has a chance of dying from it.

Blood Cancer Recurrence

Recurrences can be of three types. A local recurrence is one in which the cancer has made a comeback at the exact place that it had originally started. A regional recurrence is one in which the cancer has made a return near its place of origin (in the lymph nodes nearby). Lastly, a distant recurrence is one in which the cancer has recurred but not at its place of origin. Instead it has occurred at a place which is distant from it. There are certain factors which could help you determine the probability of a recurrence. These factors are age and most importantly the kind of treatment that you received and how well you body responded to it. Like the occurrence of cancer cannot be prevented, the recurrence can neither be prevented too. Avoiding smoking, unsafe sex , etc will help, but it cannot assure you perfect prevention from blood cancer.

Blood Cancer Recurrence If recurrence takes place in the patients, he may be advised to opt in for a stem cell transplant. This is done if an appropriate donor is available. After this, chemotherapy can be suggested. However, in cases of a relapse, the chemotherapy is not given for a very long time as the actual onset of the disease. Of course, all the treatments that the doctor will suggest will depend greatly on the age of the patient. Along with this, the health, diet and the time that the patient was in remission will also be taken in to consideration. A second option for patients suffering from a form of leukemia known as acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) is Arsenic trioxide. In fact, arsenic is one of the oldest treatments used for leukemia. However it was stopped due to its poisonous properties. Generally, arsenic trioxide tends to give very good results.

The doctor may also go for palliative treatment. Palliative literally means soothing. So, in this treatment, instead of attempting to cure the leukemia, the doctor will try to slow it down and try to offer the patient some relief from his symptoms like bone pain, etc.

In cases of a lymphoma that recurs, the doctor may use therapies for the skin which he has not used before on that patient. Otherwise, for internal swellings, along with chemotherapy, drugs like denileukin diftitox or alemtuzumab may be advised. Lymphomas can be very complex in their nature. The more the disease progresses, the lesser the chances of treatment are. As more and more types of treatments get tried on the patient, it reduces the chances of the next treatment to be effective. In cases of a recurrence of lymphoma a palliative treatment is suggested on a few occasions. In a recurrence the person exhibits similar features as he experienced when he was struck by lymphoma for the first time.

Sometimes it so happens that a form of cancer may be completely treated but a small amount of unseen cells that remained could travel to another part of your body. This could lead to a formation of a totally different kind of cancer in your body. The treatment for this new kind of cancer may totally differ from your previous one. People undergoing blood cancer surgery have high chances of safe recovery and possibilities of recurrence are also minimized.

Blood cancer recurrence of cancer is neither predictable nor preventable. If blood cancer has recurred in your body, be sure to seek immediate treatment. Do not blame yourself, this is beyond the control of humans.

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