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Bone Cancer awareness is a must to educate the society of bone cancer risks. Awareness can help preventas well as treat this illness on time. Bone cancer awareness revolves around educating, communicating and sensitizing the general public to the causes, signs or symptoms, diagnosis and treatment or management of the disease.

Throughout the world, bone cancer awareness is being spread by following ways,

  • Public advertisements in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and internet
  • Regular public campaigns both by government and non government bodies or NGO's
  • Publicity events such as bone cancer fairs
  • Special events such as Meet the patients or doctors of bone cancers are organized by hospitals
  • Lectures and seminars on symptom, diagnosis, treatment and research
  • One on one or interactive sessions with patients and risk groups such as pubescent or teenagers or senior citizens

Impact of awareness: Awareness of bone cancer can create a huge impact on the public. The potential impact of awareness is as follows,

  • Awareness can help the people to realize that bone cancer is a fatal disease.
  • Awareness can help people to identify risks such as loosing ones limbs or undergoing prolonged treatments
  • Awareness spreads the information about bone cancer in most cases can be treated
  • Bone cancer awareness informs the general public about the symptoms and the need for early detection of the cancer
  • Bone cancer awareness helps people to learn about the costs of the treatment and hospital or government or insurance aids provided for the same
  • Awareness can help people realize that bone cancer is manageable disease after surgery.

Bone Cancer Awareness Most importantly, it changes the perceptions of the people towards the patient. Most people treat patients as if they are on their death beds. People need to realize that this not the case always. In fact most bone cancer patients survive with little or no impact on their normal life. What is important is to treat them with care, empathy and affection to help them grow mentally and physically stronger to face the complex treatments and its side effects or probable degenerative effects.

Bone cancer education: Awareness seeks to increase bone cancer education. An individual who is educated about bone cancer will realize its potential threat. Bone cancer education revolves around points,

Probable causes:

  1. Hereditary or genetic factors
  2. Exposure to radiation or carcinogenic substances like asbestos or charcoal
  3. Smoking, drug and alcohol overuse


  1. Pain, radiating pain or chronic pain
  2. Possibility of swellings or nodes or inflammation
  3. Incidence of bone fractures, bone deformities and degeneration


  1. Blood tests such as Alkaline phosphatase tests or complete blood count
  2. X-Ray tests
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI scans
  4. Bone scans and bone lesion biopsy
  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation therapy
  3. Surgery
  4. Side effects and possible loss of body function or limbs
  5. Management using holistic approach such as combination of pain killers, chemotherapy and physiotherapy or exercise after surgery to regain normal life
What can I do to spread bone cancer awareness: Bone cancer awareness starts with self awareness first. Go for regular checkups, avoid smoking, alcohol overuse. Exercise regularly. Do not overlook symptoms and ask your doctor for correct diagnosis. You can also spread awareness to others by taking following initiatives,
  • Participate in bone cancer awareness marches or rallies
  • Visit bone cancer awareness seminars or fairs along with your friends and family.
  • Arrange talks with patients and doctors who can educate the public
  • Invite celebrities to spread awareness in your community.
  • Ask survivors of bone cancer to participate actively in educating others
  • Treat people who survived critical stages of bone cancer as heroes. Don't shy to take their opinions and advise
  • Advise people about pre and post treatment management of bone cancer besides its symptoms and diagnosis.

Express bone cancer awareness:

It is important to express your support for bone cancer awareness. August is brain cancer awareness motnth. Express your stand to fight bone cancer by supporting those who have been there and survived the disease. There are number of ways you can do this,

  • Use bone cancer ribbons For example use yellow ribbons to spread awareness
  • Use bone cancer awareness pins. Use them on your shirts or coats
  • Wear bone cancer awareness bracelets, necklaces, crystals or wrist watch.
  • Wear bone cancer awareness caps. Use bone cancer awareness cups or mugs in your office
  • Sport a bone cancer awareness badge or wristband
  • Distribute brochures, pamphlets which spread awareness of bone cancer
Bone cancer awareness can greatly reduce the risk of bone cancer among young and old people. It can save your loved ones and help you win a war against one of the most fatal diseases.

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