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Bone cancer cure is possible with the help of multiple treatments. Bone cancer is not curable easily. It requires a complex set of treatments. Treatments include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

A patient afflicted with bone cancer has to endure a long period of cure. The possible cures are painstakingly elaborate and involve a lot of sessions or prolonged hospitalization. Even the pre or the post treatment period is fairly long and complex. Often the patient has to undergo physical or mental trauma or frustration. The treatments may be agonizing. However, these cures are a necessary evil that may actually save your life in the end.

Bone Cancer Cure Bone cancer affects the deeper tissues such as bone marrow, the bone structure as well as tissues and cartilage surrounding the bone. In some cases, it spreads to other organs of the body. If a bone cancer is limited to the bone from which it began it is known as primary bone cancer. If on the other hand it spreads from other organs to the bone then it is known as secondary bone cancer

If you have observed bone cancer symptoms, consult your doctor immediately for further diagnosis and then the treatments.

Bone cancer cure: It is not easy to cure bone cancer. In severe cases, one may end up losing an organ like his legs. Over the years, research has proven the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation therapy against cancer. However, since bone cancer is much deeper and affects the skeletal structure. Only chemo or radiation therapies do not help. One may also have to undergo surgery to destroy the cancer

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is targeted to damage as well as destroy the cancer causing cells. It affects the DNA that caused the incorrect multiplication of the cells. It thus, can reduce the size of nodes or tumors. There are two ways to give radiation therapy.

Brachytherapy: This involves giving radiation internally

External beam radiotherapy: This involves giving radiation externally

The effect of radiation is that it decreases uncontrolled cell division. It is useful to reduce the tumors or nodes or prevents them from spreading

Side effects of radiation are loss of hair, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation and burning of skin, increased sensitivity and temporary or permanent infertility. Most of these effects are manageable.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy involves use of antineoplastic medications. Its effect is that it kills cells that tend to multiply quickly or uncontrollably. A combination of various cytotoxic drugs is used to fight cancer. It helps in reducing different kinds of tumors as well as destroying cancer causing cells.

Side effects of chemotherapy are loss of hair follicles, immunosuppression and increased susceptibility to infections, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, fatigue and infertility.

Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy involves spraying super cooled liquid nitrogen on the affected region. This sudden freezing action kills most of the cancerous cells. However it is useful only if the tumor is limited or localized to a certain area.

Not all forms of bone cancer respond well to chemo or radiation therapy. Ewing's sarcoma is one the few types of cancers that responds to these therapies. In rest of the cases surgery may be the only alternative. In most cases surgery is combined with pre and post surgery radiation or chemotherapy.

Surgery: In several cases of bone cancer it happens that a major chunk of the bone structure is affected by cancer. The tissues and cartilage surrounding the bone too suffer damage. It may happen that the whole bone is affected. In such cases the whole limb or organ is at risk and the only option may be to operate and remove the limb entirely. This means the limb may be amputated completely. Although amputation sounds extreme and terrible it might be the only way to stop the cancer from spreading and saving the patient's life.

In normal cases if only a certain part of the bone is affected then one might have to undergo a bone grafting surgery. In this a bone from another part of the body is removed and placed instead of the affected bone. Nowadays artificial bones or rods are available to replace the affected bone. This is known as limb sparing surgery.

Besides these therapies upcoming cures for bone cancer are,

  • Bacterial treatments such as using Clostridium novyi bacteria
  • HAMLET (human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells)
  • Drugs like Dichloroacetate and Quercetin
  • Insulin potentiation therapy
  • Gene therapy and Telomerase therapy
  • Photodynamic therapy and Hyperthermia therapy

However, research is still going on about potency, efficacy and safety of these treatments to fight bone cancer. There are several alternative cures and therapies that are being offered, however, their efficacy is doubtful. A lot of effort is being taken to find the ultimate bone cancer cure. However, we are still away from finding that sure shot cure. For now early some prevention, diagnosis and chemotherapy, radiation and surgery therapy seem to be the only options. Do not ignore bone cancer symptoms and do consider taking bone cancer treatment on time.

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