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Bone cancer prevention is possible if enough care is taken in your diet, physical activity as well as lifestyle. The actual causes of bone cancer are little known and research is still on, to determine the exact causes of bone cancer. However, following causes have been identified to increase risks of contracting bone cancer.

Genetic or hereditary factors are known to cause cancers. There is potential risk of bone cancer if your family members especially your parents or grandparents have suffered from bone cancer. TP53 gene mutations are identified widely to increase risk of tumors. Li-Fraumeni syndrome is known to increase the risk of bone cancer especially osteosarcoma

    Bone Cancer Prevention
  • Smoking drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco or betelnuts are said to cause cancers related to the throat, mouth, chest and lung. These cancers may cause secondary bone cancer that spreads from these organs to the bones
  • Carcinogenic exposure can cause bone cancer. Benzene is one of the most common carcinogens that cause bone marrow disorders. Substances like asbestos, cobalt, radium, cobalt, quartz or crystalline silica, nickel, tar, charcoal, etc are known to cause many forms of cancer
  • Radiation exposure: Radiation exposure from medical imaging devices, nuclear power plant radiation, nuclear blasts and atmospheric or ionizing radiation increase the risk of bone cancer
  • Dietary and lifestyle issues can cause bone cancer. People with sedentary or inactive lifestyle are at huge risk of cancer. Obesity, crash diets, over consumption of alcohol, growth hormones also add to risk of bone cancer
  • Previous history of other cancers can increase your risk of bone cancers. Repeated trauma on bone structures too might be a risk factor.

Looking at these causes, one can get an idea of how to prevent bone cancer

Prevention of bone cancer: Taking a close look at the causes of bone cancer, one realizes that a lot of these factors are easily controllable. For instance, a healthy diet can save you from most forms of cancer.

Dietary changes: Raw, half grilled or under cooked meat is known to spread bacteria. These can cause various cancers such as stomach, colon and pancreatic cancer. Carcinogens like charcoal used for grilling too can increase the risk of cancer. These types of cancers may spread to cause secondary bone cancer. Therefore consume cooked and clean meat.

Free radicals are known to cause cell damage and hence cancer. Antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins are known to fight these free radicals. Therefore consume food like artichokes, broccoli, asparagus, beetroot, avocados and spinach which rich in antioxidants. Nuts like walnuts, pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia and cashew nuts are excellent sources of antioxidants. Various spices like cardamom, chilies, garlic, basil and peppermint are good sources of antioxidants.

Vitamins A, E and C are known to work as antioxidants these are commonly found in carrots, spinach, tomatoes, citrus fruits like sweet lime and orange, whole grains and most leafy vegetables. Do include these in your diet. Vitamin D is known to reduce bone deformities and bone disorders. Fish like sardines, salmon, catfish and eel as well as eggs are good sources of vitamin D Quit smoking: Smoking releases carcinogenic pyrolytic products or chemical carcinogens. They cause decomposition of organic material. These are known to bind and damage the DNA. Benzopyrene and nicotine are examples of such products. Acrolein and nitrosamines present in tobacco too cause such cell damage. Radioactive carcinogens like lead-210 and polonium-210 too are known to be found in tobacco smoke.

Use safety equipment: While working with radioactive substances or chemicals or medical imaging devices follow basic safety precautions. Use special shielding clothes like gloves, masks and tools to handle such substances

Go for genetic screening: This is relatively new technique where possibility of cancer can be detected even before it occurs. People with family history of cancers are recommended to undergo genetic screening. It looks for possibilities of DNA damage and mutation in people in certain risk groups such as the elderly or family history of cancer. If such possibilities of acquiring cancer exist then patients are advised chemoprevention treatments. However the chemoprevention may not work in all people and is a still in research.

Exercise: Regular exercise or physical activity can help you not only reduce weight and avoid obesity but also improve your bone strength. It can help improve your immune system. Sweating during exercise throws out harmful toxins. Do make it a point to exercise every day.

Bone cancer prevention is not at all complicated. Simple measure like dietary changes can greatly help you fight against not only bone cancer but also a multitude of other cancers and diseases.

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