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Bone cancer recurrence is rightly feared by patients with a history of bone cancer. Bone cancer causes a huge damage to normal life of the patient. It can easily snatch away years from your life. Worst of all, bone cancer is extremely difficult to cope with, due to its complicated long winding treatments, diagnosis, side effects, surgeries and having to undergo long and daunting process of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Thus, bone cancer recurrence is a horrible thought.

Bone cancer patients live under the fear of why, will, where, what, how and when will the bone cancer come back.

Why bone cancer recurrence happens:

Bone cancer can recur due to number of reasons:

  1. The bone cancer was undetected in the initial stage. This can happen in difficult to reach or deeper bone structures.
  2. Bone cancer had spread to other parts or organs and only the initially affected organ was treated
  3. Surgery or chemotherapy or radiation therapy failed to remove the cancerous tumors completely
  4. Post treatment side effects such as surgery or chemotherapy side effects or over dose of radiation
  5. Incomplete or partial treatment, Post treatment complication, such as infections. Incomplete rehabilitation therapy.
  6. Insufficient attention to preventive measures from the patient

Bone Cancer Recurrence Progression of bone cancer occurs in stages where it grows or spreads from few cells to large tumors. Often the less affected tumors or the tissues that are in early stages of progression are not detected during body scans or during treatment. Breakthroughs should be thoroughly checked for their certainty to tackle bone cancer recurrence or occurrence

Where bone cancer can recur: Cancer can recur in the same part where it was originally detected or treated (Local recurrence) Cancer can recur to the surrounding lymph nodes or the nearest organ (Regional recurrence). Cancer can recur in distant organs from the original site (Distant recurrence).

What should one do avoid recurrence: Most cases of recurrence can be avoided. Go for screening: Regular screening after cancer treatments is a must. Regular screening after treatment is similar to pre treatment diagnostics and testing. Tests include bone scans, X-Rays, bone biopsies and blood tests. Do not skip on these tests at regular intervals.

Follow a balanced diet: Over spicy food, over load of fats and oils increase your chances of becoming obese. Obesity increases risks of cancer. Keep your food simple, clean and include a variety of vegetables and fruits. A diet rich in antioxidants helps in preventing cancers of many forms. Eat properly cooked fish, eggs and meat. Avoid alcohol. Do give up on smoking. Avoid overuse of over the counter vitamins and growth hormones.

Follow an exercise and physiotherapy regime: Regular exercise and physiotherapy after bone cancer treatment will certainly improve your bone strength. It will help you get back to normal life quickly. Physical inactivity is known to cause cancer. Do join a gym or go for regular walks and yoga to prevent recurrence

Keep a track of symptoms: Bone cancer recurrence can be detected early if you keep a track of common bone cancer symptoms. Bone cancer symptoms are seen as joint or bone pain, unexplained bone fractures, recurring pain, tiredness, fatigue and body pain. Symptoms may be related to other organs, for example, stomach cancer shows up with gastrointestinal disorders. Chest or lung cancer will show up with symptoms like breathing difficulty

When will cancer recur: Cancer recurrence is unpredictable. No doctor can guarantee that it won't recur. Some patients may see symptoms of cancer return back as quickly as few months after undergoing the treatment. Some patients may easily survive much more than the 5 year rate without seeing any recurrence. 5 year rate refers to the prognosis or outcome of the disease, after diagnosis or initial detection of the cancer

Treatment: Bone cancer treatments for now are limited to chemo or radiation therapy or surgery. You might have to undergo a lengthy treatment involving one or all of the above treatments. People who didn't undergo surgery initially may have to go for surgery later on to treat the tumors. Treatments last over a few months.

Mental and emotional impact of bone cancer recurrence: A bone cancer patient may live under fear of bone cancer recurrence. It may fill his life with fear, anxiety, sadness or frustration. It is important to keep his morale up, instead focus on prevention and post treatment rehabilitation. The patient, his family members and his doctors must strive hard to obtain a normal life for the bone cancer patient. Even if all preventive actions fail the patient must not give up on hope. Most bone cancers can be cured without causing fatalities.

Take control: Learn and educate yourself about bone cancer. Recurrence of bone cancer is a costly affair. Arrange for financial aid, medical insurance and keep medical records and documents ready. Join a support group and interact regularly with your doctor.

Bone cancer recurrence can thus be avoided. Remember that prevention is better than any cure!

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