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Bone cancer can be categorized into two parts.

  1. Primary bone cancer or sarcomas: The cancer that originates in the bone is called as primary bone cancer or sarcomas.

  2. Secondary bone cancer or metastatic cancer: The cancer that originates in the other part of the body and then spreads to the bone is called as secondary bone cancer or metastatic cancer.

Statistics reveal that metastatic cancer is more common than primary cancer.

Bone Cancer Surgery One of the most common bone cancers are Osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma and Chondrosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is the cancer that develops at the end of bone where a new bone tissue grows. Hence, this cancer can be found amongst young people. Ewing's sarcoma is the cancer that develops in the shaft of big bones. Chondrosarcoma is the cancer that develops in the cartilage and mostly found among the adults.

Bone cancer surgery is one of the primary treatments for bone cancer. Surgery involves the removal of cancerous tumor. If the tumor is found in the limb or arm, doctors try to use the method of prosthesis. Prosthesis is nothing but artificial replacement of the damaged bone. The procedure is quite expensive but if you don't want to compromise on your body sculpture, then it is the most preferred option.

Treatment surgery and reconstructive surgery are the two main surgeries performed on bone cancer.

Treatment surgery has four sub-types- Amputation surgery, limb-salvage surgery, cryosurgery and curettage.

Amputation surgery: As the name amputation suggests, limb is replaced by artificial limb bone. This surgery is performed only when the cancer tumor has spread throughout the limb tissues and there is no other alternative than to remove it. Hence, to prevent further damage of blood vessels and surrounding skin tissues, amputation is suggested.

Curettage: Curettage is a medical procedure where only the tumor part is removed. The area is then treated to destroy the cancerous cells if present in the surrounding part.

Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery is a surgical process wherein tumor is removed without the taking out the bone. The tumor cavity is then treated with compound called as liquid nitrogen. The procedure is a type of curettage cancer.

Limb-salvage surgery: Limb-salvage surgery is a complicated surgery wherein the tumor is removed without removing the tendons, limb, blood vessels and nerves.

The secondary cancer or metastatic cancer has one type of surgery called as rotatinoplasty. In this procedure, the affected bone is rotated and removed ant hen reattached. This surgery is mostly performed on upper arm bone, lower jaw bone and mid-thigh bone. Proper recovery of rotatinoplasty requires at least one year. It mostly depends upon how much effort you put into the recovery.

Above mentioned methods of bone cancer surgery are very effective and used only when there is no other alternative available.

Apart from the surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also performed. Doctors may use a combination of one of the therapy with surgery to cure the cancer.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy have side-effects too. Doctors will give you information about these therapies before performing them. Radiation therapy has got the ionizing effect which kills the DNA of cancerous malignant cells. Hence, the cells cannot divide further because of the absence of DNA. Hence, cancer can be kept in control.

Chemotherapy destroys rapidly the dividing cells. Cancerous cells multiply in an uncontrollable manner. Thus, it helps in eradicating cancer. But since it destroys all the fast dividing cells, other normal cells are also destroyed along with the cancerous cells.

Take proper precautions from early on to prevent the occurrence of bone cancer surgery. One must visit doctor as early as possible when the symptoms arise. Healthy diet, proper exercise, consumption of alcohol in limits, quitting the habit of smoking, living stress-free life and sufficient amount of sleep are ways to lead a healthy and happy life.

Take care!

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