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Bowel cancer awareness is very important for every individual who has reached the mark of years. Awareness should also focus on bowel cancer prevention so that victims are saved from further health issues. This is one of the most common cancers of the world and is curable with ease if diagnosed and treated on time. This cancer primarily affects the large intestines, the colon and sometimes the rectum of the body. If this cancer is not treated on time, this will affect the lungs first and then the kidneys, heart and other major organs of the body. Being aware about the disease is a good habit as it can be diagnosed at an early stage as well.

An individual can gain the knowledge about bowel cancer awareness by knowing the following details.

  • Symptoms and signs of bowel cancer

      Bowel Cancer Awareness
    1. The first symptom of bowel cancer is a change in the habit of the bowel of a person.
    2. Stools are most of the times accompanied by blood
    3. Lowering of the red blood cells in body of an individual
    4. Anemia is caused due to the low red blood cell count
    5. Undefined and sudden loss in the weight of an individual
    6. Even after emptying the bowel a feeling persists that it is not empty
    7. High amount of fatigue and abdominal discomfort

  • Causes of bowel cancer:

    There is no proper known cause of the occurrence of this illness. Though, a few mentioned below are considered as the most common causes of colon cancer.

    1. Hereditary is considered as the most common cause of this ailment. If bowel cancer runs in the family history, it is very much possible that anyone in the family can inherit it
    2. Age is also one of the biggest criterions. Anyone above the age of 55 yrs is prone to this disease
    3. High consumption of alcohol on a daily basis or very often
    4. Consumption of fat rich food in every meal
    5. Obesity is also a cause to this disease
    6. A person who has IBD i.e. Inflammatory Bowel Disorder is very much prone to polyp development which if not treated o time turn into cancerous cells

  • How can one diagnose this cancer:

    1. The medical history plays a very vital role in the diagnosis. The medical practitioner will always ask for the full history of the patient and then proceed
    2. There are various tests that are done for the diagnosis of the bowel cancer
    3. These tests are of 3 types:
    4. Sigmoidoscopy
    5. Colonoscopy
    6. Barium Enema
    When the sigmoidoscopy or the colonoscopy takes place, a sample tissue is removed from the colon and then it is tested. This is called as biopsy.

  • Stages of bowel cancer:

    This is very important for any individual to know in what stage is the cancer in his body. This is a very important part of the bowel cancer awareness. Bowel cancer has 0-4 stages. The fifth stage is called as the recurring stage.

    1. Stage 0: This is the initial stage of bowel cancer. In this stage the cancer is found only in the deepest inside layer of the bowel or rectum.
    2. Stage 1: The cancer has developed within the innermost inside layer but has not extended away from the bowel wall or rectum.
    3. Stage 2: In this stage of cancer, it has spread to deeper layers of the wall of the bowel or rectum, but not the lymph nodes.
    4. Stage 3: Cancer has reached to close to the lymph nodes but has not yet reached out to the other parts of the body.
    5. Stage 4: the cancer has spread to most of the other parts of the body, such as the liver, lungs, kidneys and may affect the functioning of these organs as well

  • Treatment of bowel cancer:

    1. Surgery is the most common treatment that is rendered to the patients of bowel cancer.
    2. The part which contains the tumor is removed and the ends of the colon are joined again
    3. Many a times, the whole bowel/colon is removed if the tumor has spread all over
    4. The surgery is most of the times followed by chemotherapy sessions
    5. Many a times, radiation therapy is also given. This cancer therapy can be before or after the surgery is done

These are five major points that one should have the knowledge of to have the bowel cancer awareness. It is a common cancer and can occur to anybody, irrespective of the genetics. This cancer is treated best when it is in stage 0 to two. Complications can occur if it is diagnosed at a later stage and healing takes a lot of time as well.

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