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Bowel cancer is the cancer which affects the large intestine of an individual. After the treatment of this ailment, one should follow a specific routine of bowel cancer care. This routine is very important, so that recovery can happen at a faster pace and in a proper manner.

What are the risk factors of bowel cancer?

These are the top 10 risk factors of bowel cancer, and one should avoid them even after the treatment is done for bowel/colon cancer.

  1. Having a history of polyps
  2. Age (being over 55)
  3. Smoking
  4. Being overweight
  5. Eating a rich-fat diet
  6. Heavy intake of alcohol/soda
  7. Individuals who have had colorectal cancer previously
  8. People who are diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis)
  9. Family history of colorectal cancer/ bowel cancer
  10. Having diabetes

Bowel cancer symptoms

  1. It is not very easy to detect the symptoms at an early age or early stage
  2. It is not necessary that the symptoms will appear only when the person has many major problems, it can appear at any point in time or without any major health issues showing
  3. The most common symptom is bleeding inside the bowel. This in turn gets very serious and the count in the red blood cells is dropped massively. This happens in the beginning stage of cancer
  4. Blood in the stools is considered as one of the first symptom
  5. Bleeding from the rectum is also one of the bowel cancer/cancer early signs
  6. Passing of stools in a more frequent manner, or constipation are also the symptoms of this disease
  7. A lot of abdominal pain is felt when a person has bowel cancer or a feeling of a non empty bowel, even after visiting the rest-room might prevail
  8. There is sudden weight loss when this disease is acquired by the individual
Bowel cancer care
  • Testing of the cancer

    Bowel Cancer Care Colorectal cancer or bowel cancer can be very much prevented at times it can also be cured only when it is detected at an early stage. If the screening of an individual is done regularly after the age of 55 years, the polyps will be detected (if any) and will be cured before they turn cancerous. As per the current guidelines of various medical institutes and various medical professionals, the screening should be done regularly of the people who are above the age of 55 years and who have any of the above mentioned symptoms of cancer.

    1. Annual fecal occult blood testing: This is a test which is done to check for blood in the stool
    2. Flexible sigmoidoscopy: This done once in every 5 years. The rectum as well as the lower colon/bowel is tested with the help of a lightened apparatus.
    3. Colonoscopy: This is a test in which the rectum and full colon/bowel is checked with the help of the lightened instrument.
    4. Stool DNA testing: This is a test which is done to check if the DNA is marking a shed by cancer cells of precancerous polyps
    5. Double-contrast barium enema test: This is a special kind of an X-ray which is done in every 5 years. In this X-Ray the outlines of the colon as well as the rectum are checked.
    6. Virtual colonoscopy test: This is a normal CT scan which pertains to the colon. In this scan, the photographs of the colon are taken into consideration for better viewing.

    The people who have a family background or if this illness runs in the family, they must have the colonoscopy done ever 3 years. They should also start taking care and precautions almost 7-8 years before they reach the age where in this disease can be easily acquired.

  • Exercising and diet changes

    One should eat as many fruits as possible in a whole day. They should have a healthy diet and not a rich fat diet. Consumption of Omega-3 which is available in fish like salmon or halibut must be consumed on regular basis. Calcium also helps in keeping one self healthy and helps in the fight against bowel cancer. This will also reduce the recurrence of bowel cancer or will reduce the risk of the same. Alcohol should be consumed occasionally or at minimum. Red meat should also be avoided as it includes a lot of fat in it.

Exercising on a regular basis will keep the body fit and healthy. Obesity is a cause of various health threatening diseases and also of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer care must be taken whenever this disease is diagnosed. One should not wait for the treatment. This is a disease which can spread faster if care is not taken. The care will continue along with the treatment and even after the treatment. This is a common type of cancer in every part of the world and should not be taken lightly because it can cause death, if not taken proper care.

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