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Bowel cancer causes are very common and are seen mostly in all the nations. In the United Kingdom, almost 40000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year. This cancer can hit a person at any age but mostly seen in senior citizens that are 65 years and above. This cancer is also known as colorectal cancer in medical terms. This cancer is seen mostly in the large bowel and rarely in the small bowel.

Bowel cancer statistics gives importance to general factors like causes and symptoms, age, gender, and geographical location with respect to victim. The bowel cancer causes

    Bowel Cancer Causes
  1. Diabetes: Diabetes is an illness where in the patient is dependent on insulin. This dependency develops almost 50% colon cancer in people who are suffering from diabetes. This was a study and was published in the journal of Gastroenterology.

  2. Age: Anyone who is above the age of 55 is prone to the risk of bowel cancer. This is the most common and the strongest bowel cancer cause.

  3. Diet: The individuals who consume a lot of high fat content food are very much prone to this illness. This illness is also caused in the people who have issues of cholesterol. This rises even more when meat is consumed on a daily basis. Fiber consumption is also very important in the body, and thus it is also a cause of this illness.

  4. Alcohol: Many studies have stated that the consumption or over consumption of alcohol has increased the risk of bowel cancer.

  5. Gender: Gender does not play any vital role in this illness. Many people say that men are more prone to this illness, but this is not true. Both men as well as females are prone to this ailment and it also depends on the problems one is facing due to health.

  6. Medical History: bowel cancer may or may not run in the family. It cannot be considered as a genetic ailment. This cancer can happen to any one irrespective of the family history.

  7. Inflammatory bowel Disease (IBD): This disease develops because of ulcers in colitis and Chron's disease. So in short, longer the person has IBD more will be the chances of contracting bowel cancer.

  8. Obesity: Obesity is nothing but just being over weight or step beyond that though. This is a cause to many health disorders and also to a bowel cancer cause. This is a major cause to this illness in an individual.

  9. Polyps: Virtually, colon cancers build up from adenomatous polyps in the bowel and are also called as colon polyps. A family history of polyps makes you much more prone to the risk of colon cancer.

  10. Smoking: Smoking for a long time causes colon cancer and there are 2 main considerations for this cause:

    a) There is a lot of quantity of tobacco which is swallowed when a cigarette is inhaled and thus the smoke is transmitted to the colon.

    b) The Polyp size increases with the increased consumption of the tobacco intake. Thus giving rise a bowel cancer cause.

Bowel cancer life expectancy is a significant figure indicating chances of survival of a victim and considers various causes responsible for the disorder. Most of the bowel cancer are harmless in the beginning and become severe when they grow older and are not treated on time. This at times can be genetic in nature but only to the extent of parents or siblings with bowel cancer in the past. It is very important to eat right and to eat healthy for not contracting this disorder. Though the causes of this disease are not understood completely till date, the above mentioned are some of the most major causes to this ailment. It is also observed that 9 out of 10 people above the age of 65are diagnosed with this illness.

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