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Bowel cancer is the cancer that affects the large intestine of the body. This is a cancer which happens to the people who are mostly above the age of 50. Bowel cancer care should be taken for quiet some time after the treatment is done. This is very much necessary for the people who are also undergoing the treatment. This cancer can get severe if it is not treated on time. The bowel cancer more commonly called as colon cancer is a cancer which may reoccur if proper care is not taken after the treatment or during the treatment. Even today recurrence rate is very high.

What causes the bowel cancer, which needs to be cured?

5 main reasons are:

    Bowel Cancer Cure
  1. Age: The individuals who are above the age of 60 are very much prone to this illness. This is the most common cause and it takes time in detection in most of the cases.

  2. Obesity: Obesity basically means that the person is heavier than what the actual weight should be. This means that the person is over-weight and is obese thus is prone to not just bowel cancer but all other diseases too.

  3. Medical History: There are many times when there is a history of bowel cancer in the family. It is hereditary in nature and should be taken care of if is known that it runs in the family.

  4. Inflammatory bowel Disease (IBD): This disease develops because of ulcers in colitis and Chron's disease. So in short, longer the person has IBD there are many more chances of a person to acquire bowel cancer.

  5. Alcohol: Many studies have stated that the consumption or over consumption of alcohol has increased the risk of bowel cancer.

The Bowel cancer cure:

There are many ways of taking care after someone has undergone a treatment on bowel cancer. This cancer is a very common disease that affects most of the people in the western part of the world every year. Bowel cancer is not severe unless it reaches stage 3. Following are the ways by which one can take care of the acquired colon cancer:

  1. One should consume ash (1/4th) in amount with water on a daily basis
  2. When the ultra-violet rays come in contact with the body of an individual, they release oxygen and hence use of this particular light for at least 30 minutes in a day is necessary after the ash is consumed.
  3. One should not have a heavy diet. There should be a control on consumption on foods which take a long time to digest. Consumption of water i.e. a minimum of 3 liters in a day is a must for the person who has undergone the treatment of bowel cancer.
  4. The patient should consume many vegetables and avoid the consumption of excess sugar, fatty foods and foods which contain a lot of flour.
  5. The consumption of castor oil must increase in the diet of the person who needs to take care bowel cancer.
  6. Meditation also helps in making the body feel relaxed which is very important
  7. Regular clinical check-ups are also very important and should be done after every specified time intervals.

The above mentioned are a few ways in which one can start the bowel cancer cure. Bowel cancer breakthrough can be helpful on regional or global basis and also help to make bowel cancer treatment process less time-consuming. It is very important to get it diagnosed at an early stage so that the treatment does not become complicated. One should also consider the sessions of various treatments which are available for bowel cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This will happen at a stage where these treatments are the only cure.

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