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Bowel cancer diagnosis can be done very easily because this type of cancer is very common. It is not a rare type of disorder and it affects almost 70% people across the world. Statistics for bowel cancer tend to change from time to time and one should check for latest figures as a part of bowel cancer awareness. This cancer primarily affects the rectum and is also called as the colorectal cancer. It affects the large bowel of the body. The general Practitioner will look at all the symptoms, age etc. to diagnose this ailment.

The diagnosis can be done as follows

There are many examinations and tests which are available for bowel cancer diagnosis. The three major tests that a doctor generally conducts are:

    Bowel Cancer Diagnosis
  • Sigmoidoscopy: This is a test which is done to look at the lower portion of the rectum. This test is also done to look inside the lower part of the bowel. It gives a deeper analysis of the issue or the tumor situated in the bowel.
  • Colonoscopy: This is a test which basically is done to look primarily within the large bowel. It uses equipment which is basically a telescopic camera; it is narrow, elastic and almost looks like a tube called as the colonoscopy.
  • Barium Enema: This test involves a liquid substance called barium which is used in development of x-rays. This liquid is put into the bowel via the rectum. Thus the image of the bowel can be seen like an x-ray and thus there is clearer visibility.

If any of the above mentioned tests gives an indication to the doctor that there is a tumor development in the bowel, he will suggest a few more tests for better bowel cancer diagnosis:

  1. CT scan is used for getting to know the place of the tumor in the bowel.

  2. Ultra sound test will be done so that the stomach/abdomen can be seen clearly and also if the tumor has spread to other organs of the body as well.

  3. After the bowels getting affected by this cancer, it is the lungs which are hit by this disease. If the cancer has reached a stage where it can spread in other organs also, then a chest x-ray is done so that the condition of the heart and the lungs can be detected.

  4. The MRI scan, which basically demonstrates the two dimensional and the three dimensional images is done so that the tumor can be accessed from every angle before treating it.

  5. Blood test is a very common test and is done in almost all the illness so that the general health of the patient can be observed. For diagnosing the cancer, fecal occult blood test is done so that the blood in the stools can be seen. This exam can be of two types, chemical or immunochemical in nature. Immunochemical testing is better than the chemical testing.

  6. Digital Rectal Exam: This is a test in which the medical professional inserts his/her gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum to feel the bulging parts inside the abdomen. This test will work only when the tumor is large enough and can be felt as an abnormal growth in the organ.
If the screening of the tumor/cancer is done before hand in a proper way, the cancer fails to develop strongly. This helps in early bowel cancer diagnosis and the tumor is curable in the initial stage itself. One must ensure reliability of bowel cancer breakthroughs and check their feasibility in bowel cancer cure

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