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Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that occurs to any individual. Bowel cancer prevention starts as soon as this cancer is diagnosed in an individual. This is a cancer which can be related to the large and the small intestine of the body. This cancer can occur in the right or the left side of the colon.

Bowel cancer prevention

    Bowel Cancer Prevention
  1. As soon as a few symptoms appear or there is some trouble seen in the body, one must consult the doctor. This can happen at any stage of the cancer and not necessarily in the first stage of the cancer. The symptoms can be severe or they can be mild, but they should never be ignored

  2. Age plays a very important role in getting to know if one has bowel cancer. Anyone above the age of 55 is prone to bowel cancer. This cancer can strike anyone at any point of time after the age of 55 and more often after age 65. There may not be a very early diagnosis of this illness in an individual but most of the people develop polyps which is considered as the starting of the cancer in an individual

  3. Eating well is the finest way of bowel cancer prevention. One should avoid excessive food which contains high level of fat and cholesterol, especially which is extracted from animal fat. This can cause severe damage to the body in general. One should consume food which is high on fiber and helps in digestion of food in the body of the individual

  4. It is always believed that the weight of an individual must be checked on a regular basis. One should maintain a good and healthy weight. Colon cancer is more prone in the people who are obese and are over weight in general. It is mostly seen in people who have heavy hips or thighs and have pear shaped body

  5. Exercising is very important to avoid this ailment. One should be very active and should have a lot of activity in their life. This is a good way to keep fit and also to reduce weight and obesity.

  6. If the bowel cancer runs in the family one should consult a medical professional and should take preventive measures since the beginning. It is a very likely way to develop this type of cancer. There are various bowel cancer prevention plans which are made by the medical practitioners which help an individual for not developing this disease

  7. If there is any sort of problem or illness that you are facing individually, one must consult a doctor and get to know the correct ways of dealing with it. There are many times that it is seen that one disease causes the other, so one should be careful, and should not hide anything from the doctor

  8. The habits of smoking and alcohol consumption should be reduced or stopped. This is one of the main causes and also any sort of cancer. Smoking is basically the intake of tobacco and is not good for the lungs, which when the bowel cancer spreads affects the lungs primarily. And also this inhaled smoke/ tobacco makes the size of the polyp larger or increases it gradually

When the cancer gets on a higher risk, the following bowel cancer prevention measures can be taken into consideration:

  1. Consumption of Aspirin: various researches have shown that consumption of aspirin in short term but regularly have reduced the risk of bowel cancer. The dose of the aspirin should be low or else it will harm the body. Though it is also known that aspirin has its own side effects, it is not very much advisable to every patient. People who are at a high risk are only advised this consumption.

  2. Celecoxib: Celecobix is a drug which is also called as COX-2. This is a medicine which is used as a pain relief and is also used for reducing the building of polyp in the body. Even with the people who have been diagnosed with these cancerous cells, consumption of this medicine will help in reducing them to multiply.

  3. Surgery: In some of the rare cases, the doctor advises in removing the whole colon (organ) from the body, for preventing cancer. This happens when the person is already suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease or has a genetic issue of the same.
Bowel cancer prevention can get difficult when the cancer has reached a stage which is not meant to be prevented but treated. In the treatment part, the most common way to do so is surgery. The steps of prevention should be started at an early stage if this illness runs in the family.

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