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Bowel cancer/ colon cancer is a cancer which can be life threatening or can be very difficult to cure after a certain stage. This can be confirmed with the patients of bowel cancer or the people who have fought the bowel cancer. Even if this cancer has been treated well, the chances of developing the cancerous cells again can never stop. This is a cancer which directly affects the colon and if not treated on time will affect all the major parts of the body starting form the lungs.

According to a study which was published in the British Journal of Surgery, around 25% of bowel/colon cancer patients have had the recurrence of this illness even before the completion of the five year span of treatment. Statistics for bowel cancer are generally published by health departments of government and leading cancer institutes or bowel cancer support groups. Researchers have cpmpiled this data by analyzing the re-occurrence rate of this disease in approximately 700 French cancer patients who had received treatment for colon cancer. However, this was the time when technology was not developed and the treatments of the quality which are available today were not present then. Hence the recurrence of the cancer was high then. It has not gone to zero today, but has considerably gone lower.

During a five-year period, the bowel cancer recurrence rates for the cancer stages were as follows:

  • 10% in stage 1 of bowel/colon cancer
  • 25% in stage 2 of bowel/colon cancer
  • 40% in stage 3 of bowel/colon cancer

Bowel Cancer Recurrence As per Dr. Waldman, 20 to 30% of patients who are diagnosed with negative node bowel cancer experience the recurrence of this disease within a span of five years. This is a cancer which firstly affects the walls of the colon and then takes up the remaining parts of that organ. This is a cancer which affects the whole of the digestive system and this can be seen with the improper bowel movements and bleeding from the rectum. This is a disease which also has the capacity of affecting the near by organs such as liver and kidneys. This cancer is formed by polyp which may turn into cancerous cells if not treated on time. They are tumors on the walls of the colon.

The bowel cancer recurrence rates vary in a very large way. It is observed that the recurrence of this type of cancer is seen from 5 to 50 %. This rate was almost 10-12 years ago. Today, after the rise of technology, the rate of this cancer and the recurrence has reduced. The research has developed a genetic test, which as the name suggests is the test which can diagnose if the patient has bowel cancer or not. This is a test which will diagnose if the person has symptoms in his genes. This test basically helps in scanning the genes of a particular person and helps in early diagnosis in the early stage itself because of hereditary conditions.

These tests will allow the doctor to take a decision in suggesting the patient to go in for a surgery or even chemotherapy sessions will treat the cancer. If one undertakes the surgery, then the chances of recurrence of bowel cancer are low but are not totally discarded. The Operation is a process by which the whole part where the tumor is located is removed and the ends of the colon are joined together. This is an intense process but is most of the times successful. The bowel cancer recurrence rates will also depend on the size of the tumor. If the size of the tumor is small (3cm) the chances of the recurrence are not very high but it may reoccur. The chances of this recurrence are somewhere between 10- 12 %.

The bowel cancer recurrence has considerably reduced but not completely. This cancer has a very large impact on the lives of the people. Proper care must be taken after the treatment is complete to avoid the recurrence of this cancer. Although, the chances of recurrence are minimized if the cancer is removed via surgery.

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