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The bowel is an organ which is tube shaped and is almost 4 feet long. This organ can develop a tumor at any age after 55 years. This is called as Bowel cancer. Bowel cancer surgery is the safest option to get rid of the tumor in the body. The bowel cancer is basically transformation of cells and these cells grow and multiply in a very large way inside the body. The diagnosis of bowel cancer happens at a later stage because in most of the cases, there are not many early signs of it.

Bowel cancer surgery

    Bowel Cancer Surgery
  • The bowel cancer surgery is the first treatment that the doctors suggest to the patients suffering from bowel cancer. This surgery is most of the times considered as a successful treatment
  • Mostly, it is seen that the whole colon is removed from the body so that the chances of the tumor happening again are lessened
  • This will also depend on what is the location of the cancer in the colon. The particular characteristics of the tumor are studied and then the bowel cancer surgery takes place
  • Most of the times, it is seen that it is just the polyp which contains the cancerous cells. Thus, only that portion is removed and not the entire organ
  • There are rare times when a bypass needs to be done of the bowel. This happens when the cancer has caused major bowel movement obstruction
  • A permanent colostomy is created and the tumor is removed with the help of the surgery. This too is a rare process
  • In the process of colostomy:
    • A small opening is made in the stomach. As the surgery takes place, the position of the colon in the body is on the left side and thus, it is attached to the opening
    • The feces will be flushed out of the body with the help of this opening made in body rather than the anus
    • The surgeon will always try to protect the anus and the rectum however and whenever possible.
  • The process of colostomy depends on an individual. If his characteristics show its need only then will this type of a surgery be performed.
  • So, basically the cancerous cells which are present on the right hand side of the colon or on the left hand side but above the level of the rectum do not need colostomy
  • If the tumors present in the rectum and the anus then these organs may have to be removed from the body as a cancer treatment
The bowel cancer surgery is a long process depending upon what is the type of cancer that has struck the body. This also depends upon what is the location of the cancer in the body. The organs which contain the tumor will be treated or removed will depend upon the medical practitioner.

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