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Bowel cancer symptoms do not appear very fast when an individual has contracted with bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is also called as colon cancer or rectum cancer. It is a cancer which arises in the cells which are lining the bowel. This is not at all similar to the anal cancer. The treatment of this particular cancer should start as soon as bowel cancer detected, if not it will progress in forming large muscles into layers and then gets into the walls of the bowel.

Bowel cancer symptoms

    Bowel Cancer Symptoms
  1. It is very difficult to detect the symptoms at an early age or early stage
  2. It is not necessary that the symptoms will appear only when the person has many major problems, it can appear at any point in time
  3. If the bowel cancer is in a progressive stage the most common symptom is bleeding inside the bowel. This in turn gets very serious and the count in the red blood cells is dropped massively
  4. Blood in the stools is considered as one of the first symptom of this illness
  5. Bleeding from the rectum is also very common in this disease
  6. Passing of stools in a more frequent manner, or constipation are also the symptoms of this disease. this leads to diarrhea in the individual
  7. A lot of abdominal pain is felt when a person has bowel cancer
  8. There is sudden weight loss in this ailment

Due to the loss of red blood cells, there is a major cause of anemia in the body. The symptoms of anemia are:

  1. Excessive fatigue is felt when there is a loss of red blood cells in the body
  2. Shortness in breath is also seen in this ailment.

Many a times, it is also seen that there is excessive obstruction in the bowel. The symptoms of the same are as follows:

  1. Immense abdominal pain is observed
  2. Constipation is also a very common bowel cancer symptom
  3. Generally bloating is seen around the stomach or the abdomen
  4. Vomiting is also a major symptom of this illness
  5. A lump is also formed (generally) in the right side of the abdomen while suffering from this disease
  6. As the size of the cancer increases, the risk of the bowel cancer will also increase

Life expectancy for bowel cancer has to be calculated with proper assistance from physicians or cancer experts so that bowel cancer symptoms are interpreted correctly. This cancer is identified only when it passes through the specific node that is the lymph nodes. Even after such a long duration, the cancer can be treated well. Abdominal pain is observed when there is mild blockage but of the bowel is completely blocked then high degree of constipation is seen as well as severe vomiting is observed. There are many times when bowel cancer is mistaken by piles as there is a lot of rectal bleeding which is observed. This bright blood normally occurs on the seat when a person is suffering from piles, but it cannot be assumed as it is also a bowel cancer symptom. A few people who fall prey to this disease also face the loss in appetite and hence they lose a lot of weight. When something like this comes up, one should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Bowel cancer symptoms are very common as this type of cancer is very common in most of the countries. It is a malignancy, which develops in bits and pieces in the large intestine. This is a cancer which will take a long time to develop and also will be curable soon. This basically happens because the feces are not flushed out of the body regularly and constipation is observed very frequently. Bowel cancer prevention is an important process in minimizing cases and fatalities related to bowel cancer. Thus, the first step to this is that one should follow a good and a healthy diet.

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