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Bowel cancer treatment is given to the patients suffering from bowel cancer at any stage. Prevention of bowel cancer is important as fatalities related to the disorder are very high and bowel cancer treatments are usually aggressive. Treatment can start at any point of time from the detection of the bowel cancer. This cancer is a very common cancer and occurs to the people above the age of 60 years. This type of cancer can happen to both males as well as females. Generally, the large intestine is affected in this type of cancer.

Bowel cancer treatment

There are basically three ways of treating this type of cancer:

  1. Chemotherapy

    Bowel Cancer Treatment Chemotherapy is a drug therapy given to the patients suffering from cancer. Most of these drugs are pumped into the veins (IV) or into the muscles (IM). This therapy can also be given via mouth. This is a treatment which follows its own system. In this treatment, the drugs in however manner they are consumed reach out to each and every part of the body. This is a therapy on bowel cancer which is given in cycles. After the sessions of chemotherapy are over, there is a certain duration which is called as the recovery period. And then again there is a treatment periods, thus the cycle follows. It also depends upon the type of drugs which are given to the patients, if the course is severe, the patient is asked to get hospitalized for a specific duration. Chemotherapy sessions come along with many side effects like the way any cancer treatment would. The most common side effect is that the cells which are divided rapidly into the body are affected primarily. These are mostly the blood cells whose main purpose is to fight the infection, when they are affected most of the blood clot occurs into the body, which eventually hampers the oxygen supply in various parts of the body. Hair loss is also one of the most common side effects in this bowel cancer treatment. This occurs in both men as well as woman. This may cause hair fall all around the body.

  2. Radiotherapy:

    Radiotherapy as the name suggests is a way of treating cancer with the help of radiations. These radiations help to destroy the cancerous cells into the body. Unlike chemotherapy, radiation therapy is targeted to a specific part of the body. This is a planned session as it can cause harm to the part of the body where the tumor is located. The process of radiotherapy takes place when a patient has rectal cancer. These sessions can be given to the patient before or after the surgery takes place. This is a long process and the treatment follows upon various weeks. Though, the treatment does not take a long time on a daily basis. The side effects of this therapy will entirely rely upon what is the organ that has cancer. This generally has short term and long term side effects. The short term side effects include high amount of fatigue, reddish skin near the treatment. This will also have a sore bottom and frequent urination. In long term, the biggest disadvantage is that the side effects may appear months or years after the treatment is done. These side effects may be narrower bowel, bleeding, or constant diarrhea.

  3. Surgery:

    Surgery is the most common and the first solution that is given to the patients who undertake a bowel cancer treatment. This is operation which either removes just the cancer (tumor) or at times the whole organ i.e. bowel. This is a major surgery and thus the recovery time is also longer. Most patients prefer to do a key hole surgery, but it can be decided only by the surgeon after seeing the location of the tumor and where is it situated and if the keyhole surgery is possible. The other ways of treating this is colostomy. This is the operation of the colon, primarily the part where the tumor is in the colon. Thus, in this operation the part which is affected is removed and the two ends of the colon are joined again. After operation on bowel cancer, there is always a scar seen in the abdomen. A tube is attached in this scar so that the urine is collected in it. This process will be followed till the time the wound does not heal.

The human psychology after the bowel cancer treatment or any treatment for that matter tends to get very insecure. The fear of regaining the cancer is always present in the minds of the people. It is very important to have a strong will power after the treatment so that adjusting to the physical and emotional changes gets easier for the patient. It will get difficult for the people to recover faster when the cancer is diagnosed at a later stage. The signs of bowel cancer or any changes in the body should never be avoided and should be checked as soon as possible.

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