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The question that most of the people have in their minds is that, has there been a bowel cancer breakthrough? The answer to this question is yes. There has been a tremendous breakthrough and almost a 40% deduction in the deaths caused by bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is the cancer which affects the digestive tract of an individual. This cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States of America. There have many screening methods which have been developed to cure this ailment. This cancer is generally seen in the people who are above the age of 55 years and do not follow a healthy diet.

Bowel cancer new treatments

  • The biggest development is the research which shows that almost 80% of the people have some type of growths in their bowel which may turn out to be cancerous at some point in time. Thus, if these growths are removed from the colon, the death rate will automatically decline which is caused by bowel cancer.
  • It is observed that after lung cancer, maximum numbers of deaths happen because of this cancer. It is observed that half of the people die because of this cancer if it is not diagnosed and treated in time.
  • The latest breakthrough for treating this cancer is the use of Panitumumab. This is the first human antibody that stops the epidermal growth factor repeater (EGPR).
  • It was discovered that this treatment makes the cell multiplication come down to half, when it is heavily injected in the patients. The patients who have undergone Panitumumab treatment generally show a 45% drop in the cancer cells in the body. This treatment can also be used when the metastasis of the cancer occurs in the body. This treatment is considered as a better therapy than chemotherapy, as it is an advanced version of it.
  • There has been a new method of surgery which is derived for curing bowel cancer. This is called as robotic surgery. The colon cancer which is present in the narrow parts of the pelvis and the abdomen can also be treated
  • If the cancer is detected at an early stage in this area, the method of laparoscopic resection can also be used

Prevention of Bowel cancer

  • The use of COX-2, a medicine by Pfizer can stop the pre-cancerous growth of polyps in the body
  • This medicine reduces the high risk of the growth of polyps in the colon/bowel and stops in the rapid multiplication of the cancerous cells
  • There are several clinical trials which are done for this medicine and it is observed that this can reduce the cells up to the three years

There has been a tremendous rise in curing this cancer with the help of several new developments. This is a cancer which can spread rapidly if not detected in time and treated in time. For controlling this rapid increase of the cells, many new medications have been developed, so that the survival rate can increase. There has been a development of new forms of operation as well as the treatment can now be done in the most fragile areas of the bowel. So, one can easily come to a conclusion that the bowel cancer breakthrough has been achieved and the search for the perfect breakthrough is still going on.

Bowel cancer statistics can help to improve overall bowel cancer research process to a great extent

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