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Bowel cancer is the cancer which is found in the digestive tract of a human being. This is a very common cancer and is mostly curable till it is detected till stage 3. The most basic mistake that people who are suffering with this illness fail to know or notice is the early signs of bowel cancer. The symptoms of this illness are very similar to many other abdominal issues which people face and so get confused and at times even ignore the symptoms. With the help of good technology, there have been better means of diagnosis and the early detection rate has gone higher in the past 5 years compared to years before that.

Bowel Cancer Life Expectancy The bowel cancer life expectancy is not very high if the cancer is detected after the bowel cancer stage 3. Though there can be proper treatment given to this illness even after that stage. This treatment is possible because of the various advanced medical measures available in the world today. Bowel cancer is also known as colon cancer or colorectal cancer. This is a very common form cancer is most commonly seen in the west compared to the eastern part of the world. This cancer is curable and is not very life threatening unless detected at a stage which cannot be cured or the cancer has spread beyond the bowel and has struck other vital body parts.

The causes of this particular cancer are different for different people. A few can understand the changes in their body faster and hence the treatment of the same will start sooner and will result in longer life. The most common reason of the cause of this illness is of hereditary. In most of the people who have colon cancer, it is observed that this cancer runs in the family. The patients of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or the Chrons disease are also prone to this cancer which reduces the life expectancy of the individual. Dietary issues and obesity are also the causes of bowel cancer. It is generally observed that this cancer affects the people who are above the age of 55 years. In some rare cases, it has affected people younger than this age too. This illness is not gender specific and it affects both male and female equally.

As it is said that prevention is better than cure, it is always useful to keep the knowledge about a few early signs of the cancer. The signs of this cancer are not very different from a common stomach or abdomen issue but they should not be ignored as it can be detected as something major. The most common symptom of this disease is a change in the bowel movement. With this follows pain in the abdomen, anemia, and jaundice. A feeling of half empty bowel is always accompanied when someone has acquired bowel cancer. Blood in the stools is also seen in this disease. Such symptoms should never be ignored, as they directly have an effect with the life span of the person.

Bowel cancer life expectancy

This is a very common and many a times, the first question which is asked by the patient to the medical professional as to what is the life expectancy of a person suffering from bowel cancer. The simple answer to this question is that the life expectancy will always depend upon the stage at which this cancer is detected. The earlier the cancer is detected more will be the life of the individual. An individual whose cancer has been diagnosed in stage 0 or stage 1 has 90% survival chances for at least five years and many live beyond this too. The people who have already been treated of this cancer have a survival rate of 75% for five years. This is the case with people who have been treated after the cancer has been detected in stage 2. If the cancer has been detected in stage 3, the rate of survival for five years is just about 40%. The diagnosis of bowel cancerwhich is done after stage 3 has a very low living rate of just 6%. The life expectancy of the sufferer will directly depend upon the time of diagnosis and the stage of the cancer.

Bowel cancer life expectancy will primarily depend upon the stage of detection, but it is not just this, it will also depend upon the after treatment care that one takes and also on the precautions that an individual is taking during the treatment. This ailment can turn out to be a life threatening affair if it is not given the desired treatment on time. The bowel cancer treatment can be of three types i.e. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment will be in accordance with the consultation given by the doctor.

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