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The bowel cancer prognosis is very good compared to all the other types of cancers. This cancer is the cancer of the large intestine as a whole and thus affects the whole digestive tract. This is a very common cancer in the western part of the world and affects both male and female gender equally. This cancer can be treated in a good way if it is diagnosed at an early stage and one takes proper care of bowel cancer after the treatment. The recurrence rate of this cancer is high and almost reaches 50% in the first five years of treatment. The bowel cancer is the cancer which is likely to spread in most parts of the body if not treated on time or diagnosed at an early stage. There are many tests which are available as well as many treatments for curing this type of cancer.

This particular cancer returns very commonly in the first five years after the treatment. This is the case with 40-45% people who have undergone the treatment. There are very rare chances of this cancer to reoccur after five years of the treatment. If the disease is diagnosed at a stage which is like stage 0 or stage 1 when it has not spread in the whole colon or other parts of the body then the rate of the cure of this tumor is over 92%.

Recovery from colon cancer depends on the extent of your disease before your surgery.

  • If the cancerous cells are only found/seen in the internal layers of the colon/ bowel, one can live up to a minimum of 5 years and more.
  • There are times when the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes. These are very close to the colon, the chances of living for 5 years is close to 60%.

  • If the cancer has already spread to other organs, such as lungs, liver, heart etc. the chances of survival for the next 5 years drop to almost 6%.

  • If the cancer has reached just till the liver but not all the other major organs, removal of the liver is an option for a longer life.

Bowel Cancer Prognosis The prognosis for the symptomatic type of cancer is poor, as when they are diagnosed they have already reached the advanced stage. The survival rate for bowel cancer which are detected in the 0 or 1 stage, i.e. early stage is higher than the cancers which are detected in the later stages. For instance, patients with a tumor that has not violated the muscularis mucosa (TNM stage T1-2, N0, M0) on an average survive for 5-years. This happens almost 80% of times. Those with a more large and severe tumor, but the nodes are not yet into the picture (T3-4, N0, M0) also survive for about 5-years. This is seen in 70% of the cases. Patients with positive regional lymph nodes, which means that the cancer has reached the nodes and has affected them (any T, N1-3, M0) on an average their 5-year survival is somewhere close to 30%. While those patients in whom the caner has hit in various other organs also like the kidney, liver, lungs etc. their 5 year survival rate is at a 4 % low.

The bowel cancer prognosis is done at the stage when it is detected. Most of the times, this prediction is correct as many researchers have said that this is a disease which does have a very high recurrence rate of bowel cancer. This is an issue which is seen in most of the people who do not take care of themselves or do not follow the guidelines of the medical practitioner. This is like any other cancer even though the rate of curing is higher than any other cancer; it can have its own issues and side effects.

Breakthroughs for bowel cancer can be both medical and non-medical.

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