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Bowel cancer is the cancer of the colon. This cancer is the third most common cancer in the world in men as well as women. This can be analyzed with the help of bowel cancer statistics data. This data informs the people about the number of deaths and survival of people around the world because of bowel cancer. This cancer deals with infecting the large intestine in the digestive system, and in all affecting the bowel movement. This is a common cancer and in most of the cases it is imbibed genetically. Bowel cancer is commonly called as colon cancer or colorectal cancer. This cancer affects the men and the women in the world equally. This is a cancer which can be cured in an easy manner if it is detected in an early stage and the correct treatment is given to the patient. Good bowel cancer care in post-treatment phase can alter life expectancy on a positive side.

The risk factors of bowel cancer are

  1. Age (above 55 years)
  2. Hereditary
  3. History of inflammatory bowel disease
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Smoking
  6. Alcoholism
  7. Obesity
  8. Minimal physical activity

Bowel cancer statistics

  1. After skin cancers, Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the world which affects both the genders in an unbiased way
  2. In 2011, the statistics of this cancer in the United States of America were 101,750 cases.
  3. The rate of gaining this disease for a life time is almost close to 5 % for 1 in every15 individuals across the world
  4. In a study stated by the United States of America, almost 10000 women were diagnosed with bowel cancer and only 4000 could survive this ailment
  5. While amongst the men, 13000 men were diagnosed with this ailment, and only 6000 could survive this cancer
  6. On an average 56 % of various types of cancer hits the world every year, out of which 15 % is bowel cancer
  7. 85% of individuals die because of cancer, and 17% is because of bowel cancer

Bowel cancer statistics as per the stages

This is the survival rate of the bowel cancer patients as per the cancer stage for 5 years. The rates mentioned are on the basis of the bowel cancer stage at which the cancer is diagnosed.

  1. In stage 1, the survival rate is 75%
  2. In stage IIA, the cancer survival rate is 66%
  3. In stage IIB, the survival rate is 59%
  4. In stage IIC, the rate of survival is close to 35%
  5. In the stage IIIA ,the cancer survival rate is 70%
  6. In stage IIIB, the rate is close to 45%
  7. In the stage IV, the rate is very low at just 5%

Bowel cancer death rates by state: (2009-2010)

  1. In states like Arizona, Connecticut, Utah, Florida, Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Mexico, Hawaii , Colorado, Washington, California and Wisconsin, the death rate is almost 13-15%
  2. In states like Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Oregon, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia, the rate is close to 18%
  3. In states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Indiana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, South Dakota, Nevada, and Vermont, the death rate is almost 19%
  4. The highest death rate is in states like Alaska, Mississippi, District of Columbia, Ohio, Illinois, Delaware, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maine, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Wyoming. The rate is almost 22%.

Bowel cancer screening rates by state: (2009-2010)

  1. The screening rates in Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, California, West Virginia, Idaho, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Hawaii, Iowa Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee,, Kansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming is between 52 - 60 %
  2. The screening rates in Colorado, New York, District of Columbia, Virginia, Florida Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Washington, North Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Georgia, South Carolina, and Wisconsin is between 65- 71 %
  3. The screening rates in Connecticut and Rhode Island is the highest. It is almost 75%

The bowel cancer statistics show a decline in the death rates compared to what it was a few years ago. The credit of this will go to the latest treatments available across the world, especially, in the United States of America. The screening rates are not very high and so early detection is rare of this illness. This is the illness which needs to be detected early so that the treatment of it can start early for a better prognosis of cancer.

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