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The bowel cancer survival rate will differ from person to person and more because of the stage at which it is diagnosed. This is a cancer which one of the most common cancer in the world but also can be treated with not a lot of difficulty. This cancer can be complicated when the cancer is diagnosed at a very later stage where no treatment will work or the treatment will take a lot of time to respond to the body. This cancer affects the large intestine primarily and then many a times the whole digestive tract. This is a cancer which is associated with the cancerous cells which are developed on the walls of the colon/ bowel which are known as polyps, and if not treated on time, these tumors become cancer. The recurrence rate of bowel cancer is almost close to 55% and in the first five years of surviving after the treatment is done. If the cancer does not come back in those five years then the chances of it to hit back in the body are rare though not completely zero.

Bowel cancer survival rate

  • The survival rate of the individual will depend upon the location of the tumor in the bowel. This was stated in the research done by the European Journal of Cancer
  • In the United States of America, the survival rate for five years of the tumor is close to 65%. This rate is of the colon which is the closest to the small intestine
  • The tumor which is found near the transverse colon is about 60%
  • The survival rate for five years of the descending tumor is about 70%
  • This is the percentage of the people who are alive five years after the treatment has taken place and have come for the diagnosis and the checkup to the medical professional

The bowel cancer survival rate in various countries

  • The overall survival rate of the patients of bowel cancer in the united states of America is somewhere between 63 to 65%
  • The overall survival rate in Europe is between 40 to 44%
  • As this illness is more often seen in the western nations, the largest western nations are taken into consideration.
  • The main reason of such a vast difference seen in the survival rates of these two nations is lifestyle and the care of cancer which is taken by the patients after the treatment is completed.
  • The tests as well as the diagnosis may vary from nation to nation and the way of carrying out the diagnosis may differ, as the diagnosis would vary and the medium of treatment will also differ.

The increase in bowel cancer survival rates

  • The colon cancer survival rate will vary form the severity of the illness in an individual
  • However, as early diagnosis of this particular disease is not possible, the rate of the spread of cancer is almost 75% when it is diagnosed
  • The rate of survival will increase only if it is detected at an early stage and will be curable almost completely
  • Though it is always seen that the patients who are at an advanced stages and treatment is done, the survival rate of the next 5 years is very low. Only 7% of people survive for five years or after that
  • The advanced stage of colon cancer leads to major liver problems. This is called a liver metastasis.
  • About 20% of the people suffer from liver metastases that have bowel cancer at an advanced stage. This is diagnosed at the first screening of the cancer
  • The survival rate of this cancer does not depend upon the gender. It has equal impact on male as well as females

The bowel cancer survival rates have risen due to the type of treatments and tests which are available for the diagnosis. The survival rates are primarily dependant upon the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed as well as the treatment which is done to cure bowel cancer. This will also depend upon the age at which the tumor is diagnosed and the treatment which is rendered upon the patient.

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