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Bowel cancer is the cancer which is related to the colon or the rectum. This is cancer which is given rise by the polyps which are lump like bodies or cells present on the lining of the bowel wall. If these cells are not treated in time, they become tumors and develop into cancerous cells which cause bowel cancer. This happens most of the times because of hormonal imbalances and when the cells multiply, it happens in a very rapid manner which cannot be controlled and thus it forms lumps which many a times turn out be cancerous. The bowel cancer therapy is useful when the cancer is detected. There are medical as well as home therapies available for the cure of bowel cancer.

Medical treatment of bowel cancer

The medical treatment of bowel cancer basically concentrates on three ways;

  1. Surgery
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation therapy

This treatment will always depend upon the stage at which the cancer is. This is the first step which is seen by the doctor who is doing the treatment.

Bowel Cancer Therapy Surgery can be done at any point of time. It can be done at a later stage or the early stage. This is most trusted way of getting rid of the cancer from the body. Bowel cancer surgery also depends upon the size of the tumor. If the size is small then the doctor may not suggest surgery and colonoscopy maybe advised to the patient. Laparoscopic surgery is performed if the size of the polyp is large. In this type of surgery, a hole is made in the lower abdomen and a pipe is inserted which has a camera attached to it as well as the surgical instruments. The surgery is done with the help of this and the video is seen on the outside video monitor. When the cancer is invasive, the doctor/surgeon recommends a colectomy. This is done when the cancer has developed on a large extent and the only option remaining is that the part which has the cancer should be removed and the ends of the bowel need to be joined back. Many a times, it is observed that the cancer is very close to the opening of the rectum, so the surgeon may at times make a permanent or a temporary hole /opening, which is directly connected to the walls of the colon, and thus the waste, is flushed out of the body from this opening.

Chemotherapy is a very common cancer therapy and also a bowel cancer therapy. This is a way by which the cancerous cells are destroyed in the body with the help of medications given by the therapist. This is a therapy which can be used before the surgery, i.e. to cure the cancer and even after the surgery to stop the growth of cancer into the body.

Radiation therapy is also a kind of therapy with is used to destroying the tumor causing cells into the body. This is a therapy which can be given along with the chemotherapy sessions if the cancer is close to the rectum. A lot of powerful energies are used for this treatment such as the x-rays to cure the cancer.

Many other therapies are also available for the treatment of bowel cancer

  1. Meditating on a daily basis relaxes the body and sets the peace in mind
  2. Dance or movement therapy is given to people who are unfit and need to cut down on fats
  3. Relaxation therapy is given to the people who have a lot of stressful work to do throughout the day. This will help their mind rest during the therapy sessions
  4. Music therapy is also given to various people. Mostly instrumental music is played so that the mind will soothe and will get charged up
  5. Exercising is very essential in today's times, and there are many sessions that take place throughout the day so that one can remain healthy

Bowel cancer life expectancy is an approximate indicator of chances of survival and also helps to lay proper bowel cancer therapy with respect to victim. These bowel cancer therapies must be taken under professional guidance. Most of the times, the treating doctor suggests the professionals who have asked you to undergo a specific therapy session.

Some natural bowel cancer therapy is:

  1. Juice of Grape seeds: This is a juice which helps in slowing down the progress of the cancerous cells which are present inside the colon/bowel

  2. Intake of vitamin-D and Calcium: When one consumes these supplements, it has a direct impact on the condition of the colon

  3. Garlic: Consumption of raw garlic clove on a daily basis reduces the risk of this cancer. Garlic is also known for smoothening digestion process of an individual.

  4. Ginger: The consumption of raw garlic in the food will help in reducing the division of cancerous cells on the fast pace

  5. Green tea: Green tea is known to have its universal benefits. This tea helps in reducing the risk of obtaining bowel cancer.

Many bowel cancer therapies are available on a large extent in today's times. As bowel cancer is a cancer which is very common, other than treatment measures there are home remedies also available which will help in reducing the risk of the cancer. Bowel cancer treatment should start on right time with a right method, or else this cancer too can spread on a fast pace and can get life threatening.

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