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Brain cancer is a type of cancer in which malignant tissues attack the cells of brain and develop a tumor. This cancer occurs mostly in men than women. It is very important to cure this cancer in early stages or it can result into a life threatening disease. A medical study conducted in the United States shows that more than 200,000 people are affected by this cancer every year. This cancer has been the main reason behind rapid deaths in the nineteenth century due to lack of treatment options. The main causes of brain cancer are still unknown. However, some of the indirect causes include cigarette smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol consumption.

It is very important to treat this cancer at early stages or it can result into several complications. Brain cancer awareness is very important as it helps you to understand the importance and characteristics of brain cancer. Brain cancer awareness includes its symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Brain cancer is classified into two types:

  • Primary brain cancer
  • Secondary brain cancer

Brain Cancer Awareness Primary brain cancer is a type of brain cancer which spreads from other parts of the body to brain. Here the parts of the body are attacked first by the tumor and then slowly the tumor attacks the brain. Secondary brain cancer is a type of brain cancer whose origin is the brain. Here malignant cells attack the tissues of the brain and develop a tumor. These malignant cells spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. So the brain gets damaged and so is unable to recognize the signals. Secondary brain cancer is considered to be more harmful than primary brain cancer.

Brain cancer awareness includes:

  • Brain cancer symptoms
  • Brain cancer causes
  • Brain cancer diagnosis
  • Brain cancer treatment

Symptoms of brain cancer are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in maintaining body equilibrium
  • Constant Fever
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Problems in hearing
  • Weakened immune system
  • Dizziness
  • Vision difficulties

Causes of brain cancer:

Brain cancer causes are unknown and scientists worldwide are still researching on them. Causes of brain cancer include extensive use of cell phones through which electromagnetic radiations are emitted. These electromagnetic radiations are harmful and can result into brain cancer. Working in chemical industries, petroleum industries, oil refineries etc. can also result into brain cancer. Besides this people who consume toxic substances and suffer from HIV infection are also prone to Brain cancer.


Diagnosis of brain cancer includes Biopsy, MRI scan, craniotomy, stereotactic biopsy and routine laboratory tests.


In this procedure, the malignant tissues are removed from the brain and examined under the microscope. This procedure helps to discover the size of tumor and widespread of the malignant cells.

MRI scan:

With the help of MRI scan nature of brain cancer is detected and the cerebrospinal fluid spaces and brain coverings are checked.


This procedure is done before performing biopsy as in this procedure the skull is opened completely. It helps to detect the tumor and its widespread through the bloodstream.

Stereotactic biopsy:

This procedure is generally conducted in the advanced stages of brain cancer. This test is very complicated and is generally avoided by the surgeons because it can create complications in the analysis.

Routine laboratory tests:

Routine laboratory which include blood tests, electrolytes test, liver functional test and blood coagulation are performed as a part of diagnosis of brain cancer.


Brain cancer treatment includes chemotherapy radiation therapy and nutrition therapy.


In chemotherapy, the tumor cells are discovered with the help of medicines. These medicines destroy the malignant cells the help to prevent their widespread. After a certain period of time, these medicines are stopped and some time is given for recovery. Chemotherapy has certain side effects such as weight loss, appetite loss, memory loss and paleness of skin.

Radiation Therapy:

This therapy is used to cure brain cancer with the help of radioactive waves. In this therapy, the radioactive waves are emitted throughout the body. These waves destroy the malignant tissues and prevent the spread of this cancer. This therapy also helps to clear the malignant cells present in the lymph nodes.

Nutrition Therapy:

This therapy of brain cancer, is known as the last stage of brain cancer. In this therapy a certain diet plan is prescribed by the doctor. This diet plan provides the necessary nutrition and helps to recover the body form chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Supplements prescribed in this therapy include Selenium, beta carotene and selenium.

Thus this article provides you with all the necessary information regarding brain cancer awareness. It also helps to understand the techniques to prevent widespread of the disease.

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