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Brain cancer can be defined as unwanted growth of malignant cells in the part of the brain. These cells tend to spread to other parts of the body via bloodstream. Due to this, the brain loses the sensation and fails to recognize the signals of other parts of the body. Brain cancer breakthrough aims at informing people regarding the new research's undertaken and new treatment practiced by the surgeons. It is observed that this cancer occurs due to hereditary reasons and there are chances of this cancer reoccurring. A study conducted by New York University of Clinical cancer shows that more than 200,000 people are affected by this cancer every year. It further states that five in every thousand people diagnosed are able to recover from this cancer. Causes of this cancer are still unknown and researcher worldwide is still working on them. Most common and recommended treatments on brain cancer include surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and nutrition therapy.

Brain cancer breakthrough is conducted by various universities such as New York University of Clinical cancer, World Cancer Council, World Cancer Institute and World Cancer Research Fund American Institute for Cancer Research.

World Cancer Research Fund American Institute for Cancer Research states implementation of drugs such as aspirin, temozolomide, Temodal as the advanced treatment for this cancer in the next twenty years. The research conducted on patients shows that temodal has the ability to successfully cure brain cancer at early stages and has less number of side effects as compared to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

A capsule form of temozolomide has the ability to destroy the deadliest form of tumor cells. Trials of this medicine were conducted on people suffering from advanced brain cancer as no other treatments were working on them.

Brain Cancer Breakthrough Aspirin used in combination with other drugs has also got the ability to kill the malignant tissues and stop the further development of this tumor. Other CRCs drugs are also capable of treating this cancer but it has numerous side effects. These drugs were tested on patients suffering from Globlastoma which is considered as the deadliest form of cancer. This drug helps to identify two mutated genes which are responsible for promoting further growth of the tumor.

Dr Couldwell from World Cancer Institute discovered two types of gliomas ( Glioblastoma and Astrocytoma) which reoccur and have a progressive growth despite standard chemotherapy treatment performed on them.

Hypercin is the latest invention from scientists of New York University of Clinical cancer as a treatment on brain cancer, however, fifty percent of the patients on which this research was conducted achieved a positive response or a stabilized result. Latest brain cancer breakthrough includes whole genome microarray analysis, comparative genomic analysis and full length gene synthesis.

Recently a company known as 'Northwest Biotherapeutics' introduced a vaccination known as DCVax brain which has the ability to destroy the malignant cells of Globlastoma which is considered as the deadliest form of cancer. There are no side effects of this vaccination however usual drowsiness, swelling and redness may occur. There are also some possibilities of other allergic reactions.

There are also other medications which are included in various surgeries of brain cancer UCLA Brain Tumor Neurosurgery, skull base Neurosurgey. It includes newly developed technologies in surgeries and imaging procedure.

The study of such brain cancer breakthroughs and research are conducted in patients in the age group of 18 to 65 years of age. When the surgeries are performed on such patients it is extremely difficult for them to move and talk and so the younger lot of patients is selected.

Thus the above article briefly describes all essential information regarding Brain Cancer breakthrough. It also focuses on the importance of this disease.

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