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Brain cancer is a type of cancer in which malignant tissues attack the cells of brain and develop a tumor. Due to this an abnormal growth of unwanted cells is noticed in the area of brain. All the tumors in the cranium and central spinal cord are included in brain cancer. A medical study conducted in United States shows that more than 2, 00,000 people are affected by brain cancer causes every year. It is very important to treat this cancer ate basic stages or it can create further complications.

Brain cancer is a serious and life threatening disease as its causes can be infiltrative in character. To find out brain cancer causes has been a vast and complicated task for researches as there is no theory available which can convince them. Brain cancer early signs can be intense or light depending upon main brain cancer causes behind tumor-growth.

Brain cancer is generally divided into two types:

  • Primary brain cancer
  • Secondary brain cancer

In primary brain cancer, the origin is the brain. This cancer starts from the brain and then spreads to other parts of body. As the origin of this cancer is the brain it can deactivate many other parts of the body. If cured in early stages the damage done by this cancer can be restricted. Secondary brain cancer is a type of cancer that is passed from other parts of the body to the brain. As it is passed from other organs, this cancer does not grow further. However, even in this cancer, other body parts become useless as the brain gets damaged and so it cannot read the signals.

Brain cancer is known to produce no or very few symptoms. However, some of the symptoms of brain cancer include:-

  • Body weakness
  • Difficulty in lifting objects
  • Vision problems
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Losing control over the parts of body etc.


Brain cancer Diagnosis includes several blood tests, x-rays, CT scan and MRI etc. The doctor may also asked to conduct other tests such as angiogram, myelogram, biopsy, skull x-ray and angiogram. If the tumor is more complicated than the brain cancer causes are studies with the help of stereotactic biopsy, tissue samples and needlebiopsy .If the evidences of these tests proves that the brain cancer is in advanced stages than consultation of neurosurgeons and neurologists is recommended.


Treatment of brain cancer includes various surgeries, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, fractionation, stereotactic radiation therapy, 3- dimensional conformal radiation therapy and proton beam radiation therapy.

Brain cancer causes:

Brain cancer causes has been a big question and the main topic for research recently for the scientists. A study conducted by the American Cancer Society (ACS) states that cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and tobacco consumption are the indirect causes of brain cancer as the nicotine present in tobacco and cigarettes can damage the brain cells. This can result into memory loss and the person can also get into a state of coma. This also affects the functioning of other parts of the body as the brain is incapable of understanding the signals.

Brain Cancer CausesSome of the studies conducted by researchers show that cell phone are also one of the brain cancer causes. The reason behind this is the carcinogens and electromagnetic radiations present in the phone can affect the brain and they also tend to increase the levels of gliomas. Thus the person suffering from brain cancer is advised to avoid the usage of cell phones and consume a macrobiotic diet. If the cell phone cannot be avoided than the use of earphones while speaking on the phone is highly recommended. Impact of brain cancer causes on a victim determine prognosis rate to a great extent.

Metastatic brain cancer is caused due to spread of malignant tissue of other cancer to the brain. Other brain cancer causes include working in oil companies, chemical industries, HIV infection etc. Brain cancer can also be caused due to some hereditary reasons like if someone from your family is suffering from head trauma or HIV infection than higher risk of this cancer can be observed in you. It is also proven that consumption of toxic substances can also lead to brain cancer.

Thus the above article emphasizes on all important information related to brain cancer causes. Brain cancer awareness is useful to get a detailed view of the disorder and know basic brain cancer causes. It also focuses on symptoms, various tests conducted for diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer.

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